Mr. Excellent's Post-Apocalyptic Earl Grey Tea

A couple of weeks ago, I started a poll about Twinings changing their formulation for Earl Grey tea.

In the course of the discussion, Mr. Excellent made an offhand comment that really made me think:

I announced that I was going to experiment with creating an Earl Grey out of lapsang souchong, to which Mr. Excellent replied:

I would like to announce that my tea bar now officially has “Mr. Excellent’s Post-Apocalyptic Earl Grey Tea” on the menu. What does it taste like? It tastes like you’re sitting on the hood of a ruined car near the burned-out husk of what was once a home, enjoying a relaxing cup of Earl Grey that was flavored by the omnipresent smoke from the smoldering ruins of our civilization (or see my blog for a real description).

Thank you to the Straight Dope Message Boards for once again changing the world.

Mr. Excellent, I’m sending you a private message. I need to ship you some of this tea.

OK, I don’t even like bergamot or smoke flavor in my tea, and that’s still awesome.

Tea. Earl Grey. Burnt.

I shall be using that line.

This is amazing! Thank you, Mr. Robson. With the power of the Dope behind this new blend, I’ve no doubt it will make you your fortune. Not that this will do you much good when the radioactive zombies come - but then, that’s true of pretty much everything, isn’t it?

Zombies can’t STAND bergamot. Sprinkle some around all entrances to your home every morning, and you’ll be safe during the apocalypse.