Mr. Kitty is now on The List


I had the following exchange with Mr. Kitty last night.

Me: Hey, hon, where’s your PDA? I need your parents’ address so I can send out your dad’s birthday card.

Mr. K.: Briefcase.

::bobkitty wanders over to the briefcase, begins rifling through contents::

Me: I don’t see it…

Mr. K.: Try one of the pockets.

::rifle. rifle. rifle.::

Me: Oh, here it… HEY!

Mr. K.: Problem?

Me: Are these the valentine cards I asked you to mail?

Mr. K.: What cards?

::pulls out neatly rubber-banded stack of cards::

Me: THESE cards. The ones I asked you to mail out, oh, like TWO MONTHS AGO???

Mr. K.: Oh. Uh, yeah. I knew I forgot something.

Me: You’ve been walking around with my valentines day cards in your briefcase for two months, and you FORGOT? Aaarrgghhhh.

Mr. K.: Well, you could always send them anyway. It’s the thought that counts, right?

::rest of scene deleted because this isn’t the pit::

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. A world-wide conspiracy. Do you know my white elephant package has been sent back to me THREE TIMES? Every time I re-send it, I give it very specific instructions on stopping and asking for directions if it thinks it’s lost. Does it listen? Hell no. It’s like a boomerang box full of crap. My crap is magnetically attached to me. No matter how hard I try to get rid of it, it finds its way back home.

::banging head against desk::

So. Anyone want their two-month late valentine card?


Hey, what a great super power. Magnetic Colon.


Yes. :slight_smile:

Heh… I’m sorry BK. Men are dumb… whaddaya gonna do?

Seriously… I mean… look at the vbcode. :stuck_out_tongue:

If one of them has my name on it (and a stamp already affixed) – send it on… I like getting mail!

Why does Mr. Bobkitty have to mail that stuff out? YOU wanted them sent out, so YOU mail them.

You should know by now that men don’t mail out greeting cards. We mail checks for bills, and that’s it. We don’t remember dates either. It’s not in our programming.