Mr. President-Elect, please don't take my governor

I live in Arizona, our governor is Janet Napolitano. She’s a popular Democrat in a Republican state. Most people think she is a very good governor.

Obama wants her.

I’ve been reading all day about her name being floated for Attorney General or head of Homeland Security or who knows what Cabinet Position. She has already been named as on his transition team.

Mr. President-Elect, I know she is valuable as a leader. I know she is knowledgable and powerful. That’s why we want to keep her. But Arizona is not likely to elect another decent governor if she leaves, and especially not a Democrat.

I like her, let me keep her.

Do you think she still wants to be governor? I wouldn’t want to be governor during the next two years. The governor of Arizona is going to have to do a lot of things like raising taxes and cutting spending. That means battling with senior groups and teacher unions.

I’d rather take a new job in DC.

Mr. President-Elect, please don’t take my governor

Mr President-elect, take my governor, PLEASE!