Mrs. astor's Dinner Parties-For the Dogs!

In reading about the Newport (RI) “cottages” (mansions) of the so-called “gilded age”, I came across an interesting story. Mrs. John Jacob Astor (one of the richest Americans of the day) would host a yearly banquet party-for the neighborhood dogs! According to what I read, the dogs would be delivered by coachmen, and set p on chairs (on a outside banquet table). The food would be served-and (I assume) mayhem ensued.
anyway, have any detailed accounts survived of these parties? Were menus used?
Somehow, the idea of a dinner party for dogs strikes me as hilarious-I wonder what people of the time thought-when most people got by on a few dollars a day?

Read all about Harry Lehr and the “Dogs’ Dinner Party” in this 1937 Rhode Island guide.


One of my favorite stories about THE Mrs. Astor is that in her later years she went senile and she used to stand on her staircase (possibly this one*) and greet imaginary guests.
*About her and her son’s mirror mansions

One of George III’s sons (I can’t remember which, but not one of the two who became king) had elaborate dinner parties for his dogs as well.