MRS.JENIFFER WILLIAMS says I can be rich!

ANDshe thinks I’m a Sir!..

(Quoted as follows, but tried to take out most of the annoying arrows and such)


Dear Sir,

I am MRS. JENIFFER WILLIAMS the director in charge ofauditing and accounting section of BIAObank Ivory Coastof west Africa with due respect and regard.

I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transaction. During our investigation and auditing in this bank, my department
came across a very huge sum of money belonging to a deceased person who died on November 16 1997 in a plane crash and the fund has been dormant in his account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody either from his family or relationbefore our discovery to this development.

Although personally, I keep this information secret within myself and partners to enable the whole plans and idea be Profitable and successful during the time of execution.

The said amount was us$14M (fourteen million united states dollars). As it may interest you to know, based on the information I got through world business directory on foreign business relations I wasassured your ability and reliability to champion a business transactions without any problem.

Meanwhile all the whole arrangement to put claim over this fund as the bonafide next of kin to the deceased, get the required approval and transfer this money to a foreign account has been put in place and directives and needed information will be relayed to you as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness to
assist us and also benefit your self to this great business opportunity.

In fact I could have done this deal alone but because of my position in this country as a civil servant, we are not allowed to operate a foreign account and would eventually raise an eye brow on my side during the time of transfer because I work in this bank. This is the actual reason why it will require a second party or fellow who will forward claims as the next of kin with affidavit of trust of oath to the Bank and also present a foreign account where he will need the money to be re-transferred into on his request as it may be after due verification and clarification by the correspondent branch of the bank where the whole money
will be remitted from to your own designation bank account.

May I at this point emphasise that this transaction is 100% risk free as I have made arrangements for a successful deal before contacting you. On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 30% of the total sum as gratification, while 10%
will be set aside to take care of expenses that may arise during the time of transfer and also telephone bills, while 60% will be for me and my partners.

Please, you have been advised to keep top secret as we are still in service and intend to retire from service after we conclude this deal with you. I will be monitoring the whole situation here in this
bank until you confirm the money is in your account and ask us to come down to your country for subsequent sharing of the fund according to percentages previously indicated and further investment, either in your country or any country you advice us to invest in.

All other necessary information will be sent to You when I hear from you. I suggest you get back to me as soon as possible stating your wish in this deal on my confidential Email address above.

Yours faithfully,


(end transmission)

(naive voice)
But, but, but it can’t be the Nigerian Scam! It’s from the COTE D’IVOIRE!! And it’s a good bank because it’s an ECOBANK!!
(/naive voice)

I especially like this line:


Tell that to MY bank.

Gawd, I feel so honored to have been selected for such a MAJOR transaction. Pardon me while I pull my tongue out of my cheek.

(Mods - didn’t think this was strong enough to put in the Pit. Just more amusing than anything. The thought of me being rich - HA!)

Wow! can I get a piece of this action too? I can use the money I’m owed from that pyramid scheme to tide me over and pay for any administrative fees that are bound to pop up in this type of transaction.

We’ll be rich! Rich as astronauts!!

It might (or might not) be helpful to pass that e-mail along to the FBI so they can pass it on to Interpol or some such.