MS Excel exchange

I see threads about Excel in GQ pretty regularly. Heaps of people work with it; I use it every workday. Let’s see how a thread about trading Excel tips goes. Add your favorite tips and tricks and give me your favorite reference sites, too.

My first tip revolves around the fact that I dislike code that doesn’t have heaps of commentary. I inherit a lot of spreadsheets and comments make everything easier if the code is more than a few lines.

When I’m planning the procedure I type up everything I want it to do with a step by step list in a text file. That way it’s easier to remember everything I want it to do and get it in the right order. I paste that into the project and comment it out-- you can find the comment block command under View> Toolbars> Customize> Commands> Edit, incidentally. Then I write & paste the code between the steps.

Learn how to do a pivot chart. It will improve every spreadsheet you will ever make for the rest of your life.