MS Flight Simulator 2020

In my experience, it uses about 8-12 Gb of my 16 Gb of RAM. I’ve read reports that those who have 32 Gb of RAM rarely see usage go above 14-15 Gb, and when they do it is usually going into big airports like NYC.

I was all set to upgrade my nVidia RTX 2060 to the new 3000 series coming out. I turned on the Developer tools in FS, and found that the vast majority of time I’m actually CPU limited. I’m running an i7 8700k, and FS is using all my cores. I have not (yet) overclocked my CPU at all, so I can probably squeeze a bit more of it if I want to.

I’m mostly flying airliners right now. When I’m in the “drone” exterior view, which is a free-movement camera mode, I get 50-60 fps in a wide variety of scenery conditions. But when I’m in the cockpit with glass displays I get closer to 30-40. I think a LOT of CPU cycles goes into calculating those displays. These numbers are all on custom video settings with a High-Ultra hybrid, 1440p.

Wow. That’s a first for me. Ryzen, even my 1st gen, is supposed to be good at multithreading, so I’ll see, I guess.

Thanks for the data point. I really don’t need the extra 16 GB otherwise. Half off is still half off though…

When setting up a flight, if you leave the time slider as current time, then you get current astronomic conditions (daylight, star positions), and if you enable Live Weather you get, theoretically at least, similar weather to the area you’ve selected (there are some known bugs that MS/Adobo are working on).

Last week I was tickled that when I started a flight out of Atlanta at night (I was playing real time) there was a rising moon to greet me, just like real life. Even when flying airliners at 20,000+ feet, the views I encounter are still striking - often amazing.

One more if you please? 1000 King Street West, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Whenever you get around to it. :slight_smile: Swing east over downtown too if you get a chance.