MS Outlook: Question about order of Reminders

Hi all,

I use the Reminders function on MS Outlook 2010 to diarise files and tasks. If something is past due it shows up on the Reminders list.

The Reminders have always been sorted in reverse chron order, based on the date under the “Due In” column: most current at top, oldest at bottom.

Until today.

Now they’re in no particular order at all, as far as I can tell. Completely random. They’re not sorted by date, and they’re not sorted alphabetically under the “Subject” field.

Anyone have any idea how I can get it to sort by date under the “Due In” column?


I don’t use reminders, but here’s a general tip: try clicking the header where it says “Due In”.

Nope, that doesn’t do it.

The way Reminders work is that each time you edit an entry in the calendar, it moves the reminder for that entry to the top of the list of reminders.

But what seems to have happened is that the reminders I had were all treated as if they had been randomly edited, which in turn randomly changed their entry in the list of Reminders. It happened yesterday - everything was higglely-pigglely.

But reminders for my appointments today were all in order again.

It’s all very odd. :confused: