MS Word and page insertion with numbering issues

The last time I needed to insert a new article in the fire company bylaws, MS Word put me through hours of torture plus much swearing to alter the remaining article numbers. Example-a new article three makes the existing article 3 now article 4, and so on to the end of the document. Also, the sectional numbers (3.1, 3.2, etc. within each article would have to change, and MS Word 97 does not like to let this transpire easily. Any Word gurus out there in the teeming millions who know how to make this task ludicrously easy? crosses fingers Thanks in advance.

Are you using section breaks and heading styles?

Before you insert the new information, use insert>break> and then choose the type of section break you want. Add another section break after the added information. Then when you edit the numbering, you can exclude that section, and have remaining numbering continue from the previous area.

Also, if you’re not using heading styles that can be a great way to keep your numbering consistent. You can modify the formatting for each level, and then if you have to make additions or changes it’s simply a matter of applying the correct level of heading, and the rest will re-number automatically. You can even adjust the formatting for every item at a particular heading level at once.

I’m not quite getting the problem:

You inserted an article, and now you want all subsequent numbering to change to reflect the new article. What do you mean by “MS Word 97 does not like to let this transpire easily”? Either you used heading styles (see post above with excellent advice) and they all updated automatically, but in some way you don’t like, or you didn’t use heading styles, in which case you had to renumber manually, which is a pain but certainly not made difficult by Word.

How did Word interfere with your attempt?

Anyway, the way to is with heading styles, but you’d have to go through your entire document to format the headings, but it might be worth it if you continue to update and republish frequently.

Agree with both comments. Note that numbering is one of the formats you can define at the template level. Useful to know. As you go through the document assigning template heading formats, you can use shortcuts, [ctrl][alt]# (1, 2, 3, etc.). Simply click anywhere in the heading, then key the shortcut. If the headings presently use designated styles that aren’t true heading styles, you also can use search-and-replace to accomplish this task. It’s one of the options under the “More” button.

Thanks for your responses. I’m going to go into the document and see if I can implement your advice, and will report back if still stymied.