msn not so free anymore

I got a year of free Internet access when I bought my dell. Well, that was over a year ago and now msn wants to charge me 24.95 a month for the Internet. No thankyou. I looked at net zero for $10 a month but I said something about a tool bar that will always be there. Sounds too much like a banner, except that it’s just for netzero. So, what’s the best provider out there? I would like to keep it under$20 a month and have unlimited service. Any opinions?

I’ve always gone with a local ISP supplier. No AOL interface, no MSN, just a dial-up, all-you-can-eat, internet connection. Earthlink offers unlimited access in Wilmington for $21.95 a month. It’s got the advantage of being nationwide so you can dial local numbers in other cities if you travel and still get access.

Currently I’m on cable modem and I love it but it’s around $45/month. It’s good for me as I dumped my second line and local ISP in favor of this. Total cost is about the same.


Netzero, by the way, is so cheap because the bombard you with ads and watch where you go and what you do. If you’re willing to be spied upon and have a “profile” built for marketing purposes, then it’s a cheap alternative.

I use Prodigy’s yearly plan, which comes to about $18.40 a month.