free & cheap ISPs

I was wondering if anybody here had any experience with free or cheap ISPs. I’m paying $20 a month for dial-up to a local service provider and it doesn’t seem terribly worth it – the connection’s slow (if I’m really-really lucky I get 56K, although it’s usually closer to 33K, and for a while this morning I was clocking in at a whopping 12K. Grrr.) I certainly don’t expect to get something faster for less money, but if I’m going to suffer with a slow connection anyway, I’d really rather pay something closer to $10 a month, or less.

I’m looking over right now, but I thought I’d run this by the dopers to see if any of you have any suggestions.

Well, I live in Washington and use No Charge, a free ISP. No ads, no banners, no hassle, I love it.

However, since you don’t live in Washington, I can recommend Net Zero for $9.95 a month. The only thing is that it places a small banner (not an ad banner, it’s only about 15 pixels high) across the top of your screen.