Recommend a Cheap and Reliable ISP

Foor the past week, I have been piggybacking on someone else’s AOL dial up since I haven’t had the money to get my own account but that arrangement isn’t really working out for either of us since we’re both 'net addicts and would like unlimited access to it whenever we want it.

Since I get paid today, I decided to finally get my own ISP and since broadband isn’t feasible, I’d like to go with a cheap dial-up that’s reliable and offers good tech support. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I like Surfbest.

NetZero is under $10 a month, and I didn’t have any huge complaints about it (I’ve switched to broadband). I never got busy signals, and almost never had any mysterious loss of connection. Can’t say what their tech support is like, having never needed it. But don’t bother with the “HiSpeed” service, which I don’t think is worth much (it’s just using caching techniques, which can have only a limited effect on speed, and no effect at all when it comes to downloading files, hooking into streaming video, etc.).