MST3K 30th Anniversary Tour!

Caught their show in San Jose last night: Deathstalker II!

Holy crap that’s an amazingly bad movie. :eek: I’m guessing that the movie was made without the intention of being entirely serious, but it never stays committed to that. Regardless, it’s goofy enough in its own right that it would be fun to watch all on its own with a group of friends.

Best part was the audience Q&A with Tom and Crow. The last question was from some kid asked, “If you buy a bigger bed, you have more bed room but less bed room. How is that?” The bots’ jaws dropped, they backed to the corner of the set, and fled. Before doing so, Crow peeked behind the curtain and asked “Have you HEARD what they’re asking us out here?” :smiley:

I saw them in San Francisco on Wednesday. The movie was The Brain, a Canadian horror movie that was outstandingly horrible. The show itself was good, but not great. Joel showed up in his red jumpsuit and joined Jonah on riffing the movie, which was awesome, but the host segments were this on-going setup where they’re doing a game show to see which of the two was the best riffer, and it really dragged, particularly when it carried over into the movie segments. Also, they leaned real heavy on inside jokes for MST fans, which, fair enough, it’s the live show, so most of the people there are probably hard core Misties. Except my girlfriend, who never watched the show. She still dug it, though. And we had this exchange:

Joel comes on stage, audience goes crazy.
Her: Who is that guy?
Me: That’s Joel, the guy who created the show.
Crow: It’s Joel! The guy who created us!
Tom: That’s for anyone who just sort of wandered into the show.

No audience Q&A for my show. Also, no Felicia or Patton. Pearl’s clone filled in the role of the mads, and acted as the host to the game show bit.

We saw the exact same show as Miller a few weeks ago in DC. The shows are a lot of fun. My husband is a “MSTY” (fan) and a kickstarter backer so he gets the tickets. I’m not sure they put a lot of thought into the backer prizes because they handed us two identical posters (one for each of us) and two canvas tote bags. It wasn’t until the next day when I happened to feel something in the tote bags and pulled out the “VIP passes”. They were well-printed but clearly non-functional since at no point were we asked to show passes.

Slightly side-topic here, but new episodes hit Netflix November 22.

Two weeks!

I had the same reaction. The riffing segments themselves were great but the “premise” of the show was overly complicated and unnecessary.