MST3K cameos

So I’m watching an old Futurama where Frye and his posse are watching a movie. Frye starts to make some obnoxious comment and we hear a shush noice. The camera pans over to show sillouhettes of Crow and Servo in their usual positions. Crow tells Frye “Don’t talk during the movie.”

It got my nerdy self thinking about exactly how prevalent MST3K fandom is among those who are in the entertainment industry. Being a MSTie geek boy, I’m wondering about other “cameos” like this.

I know that a frame or two of a fake MSTie episode is visible in Moe’s Tavern during the “Who Shot Mr. Burns” two-parter. And I’ve heard reports of the Playboy Channel MSTing old porn movies. The robots are replaced with penises and every now and then you watch a sillhouetted phallus get erect. Sounds great, don’t it?

Anyone know of any other random appearances or references to MST3K?

I have a wav from Animaniacs, where Dott goes, “A boy? A Boy? Who is it? So and so or what’s his name? Mike or Joel?”

In the Star Wars fan short Troops Tom servo is one of the robots the Jawas are moving around.

On the Prominade set or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine there was a directory that listed “Tom Servo’s Used Robots” among other ‘legit’ listings.

In a video game called “Escape Velocity” there’s an easter egg featuring the Satellite of Love in a space shipyard. Also, in “Star Wars: T.I.E. Fighter” I hear theres a referance there as well.

Actually, as I recall it was in Rebel Assault 2. There’s a cheat code to add two robots and a guy making snide comments in sillhouette making snide comments about the game’s video sequences.

A couple of years ago in an issue of the comic JLA, a storyline takes place in the 853rd century. In a glass case in the trophy room, sits, or rather floats, Tom Servo!

Oh, I don’t think I have it anymore, but I used to have a program on my computer-with Tom, Crow and Joel at the bottom, and every few minutes a random wav file would open up.

It was great!

The skeletal/dessicated/rusted remains of Joel and the Bots can be seen in the foreground of the comic book Transformers: Generation 2 #9 (pages 2 and 3), on a lunar base that’s been ravaged by a destructive plague.

Wasn’t Crow amongst the destroyed Transformers on the first two-page spread in [i}Transformers* #76? I don’t have a copy with me here at work, but someone else might be able to verify that…

It’s not a direct reference, but the DVD of Ghostbusters includes a commentary track with the silhouettes of Harold Ramis and the producer at the bottom of the screen. No 'bots, though.

My sister is a huge fan of N*SYNC, and she told me that at their concerts, they do a mock up where they do the theater silhouette and have a Tom Servo with them.

So, I guess you could say that they’re not ALL bad, if they’re MiSTies!

Crow shows up on the “splash” panel at the start of the Mad magazine satire on “Home Improvement”. I think there’s a joke about a “crow bar” in there.

There wasn’t a two-page spread in [i}Transformers* #76 – the first page has assorted shots of the shattered landscape, and the second (splash) page has assorted Autobots and Decepticons standing around Optimus Prime’s near-dead corpse.

You might be thinking about the two-page spread in Transformers #74 (where Xaaron/Primus speaks to the assembled Transformers), but I don’t think Crow was in that one, either.

(And yes, I wrote the above from memory. Am I a geek or what? :wink: )