MST3K-type "commentary" shows - any others?

I’m a huge MST3k fan and have been collecting episodes when I can. Recently, I ran across Cheap Seats, a show on ESPN classic where the hosts add commentary to old sports broadcasts. It’s very funny and, even though I don’t follow sports, I have started watching it obsessively. I guess I just like the “snarky comment” genre. I have also enjoyed funny, in character, DVD commentaries, and I used to watch Pop-up videos until it got old and then cancelled.

My question is, what else am I missing? Any other programs like MST3K and Cheap Seats out there? I tried Beavis and Butthead years ago because I heard they comment on music videos, but it left me cold. Suggestions?

The old Horror movies hosts used to comment on the movies and sometimes do skits – Zckerley was famous for this, back in the 1960s, first on (I think) CBS, then on local station WPIX. I’ve seen Elvira and Ghoulardi do similar things.

But they only did this occasionally, and during commercial breaks. It wasn’t the constant-fire thing it was with MST3K.

If you’re having a severe MST3K jones, then organize your own Bad Film Festival and do it yourself (I’ve been doing it since before MST3K was on the air). Or visit any of a number of MST3K sites out there. In particular, see the MST3K’ed “Eye of Argon” (that I noted last week on this Board), or, idf it’s still around, the MST-ification of Doc Savage site.

There are lots of other such sites – see the Wikipedia entry on MSTification for a staggeringly long list. But I’m unimpressed with most of them.

Have you been watching MXC? It’s got a bit of MST3K flavor to it…

The MSTified Eye of Argon:
I can’t find the MSTing of Doc Savage page anymore. It must have died (sniff!)
The MSTing Mine:

If you ever visit my neck of the woods (Austin, TX), you can go see it done LIVE by the good (and funny) folks at The Sinus Show (formerly Mr. Sinus). From their site, it seems they’re preparing to host a local version on our NBC affiliate. Nifty! :smiley:

According to John Stewart on the Daily Show (April 20th?), you should be watching CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. He was disgusted with their commentary on the gray smoke/black smoke coming out of the Vatican chimney. The lines were something like:

  • is it gray smoke? looks black from here
  • it’s black (the pictures definitely show gray)
  • there’s no bells, it must be black

Jon Stewart rubbed his eyes, saying “what do they do? sit around drunk, making stuff up? That’s my job! What do they think this is? MST-3000?”

Whoa! Jon Stewart was a MST-3K fan!