What MST-style comments do you make?

Just about everybody makes comments when watching a movie, right? Though hopefully in their own homes instead of a theater. NoClueBoy reminded me of my favorite comment for ST:TVH. “There be whales here!” Yeah, three of 'em.

What are your favorite comments, Dopers?

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of Misting a movie before MST3K did. THe movie in question was “Time Walker”, also known as episode 405 - BEING FROM ANOTHER PLANET.

My personal favorite line - in the correct Scooby-Doo zombie voice:

Coin. Coin!!

I’m not sure how well that works in this forum.

“Being from another planet, I take offense at this portrayal of aliens!”
My most common MST3Kism is [Crow T Robot] "Pretty! [/Crow T Robot]

I try not to go all MST3Kal on people at the movie theatre, but sometimes, I have to. I am the Jesus of snide remarks, according to my friends.

Well, it wasn’t in a movie. At Thanksgiving dinner, I said to my sister, “Nice outfit, Jennifer. Somewhere there is a Volkswagen Bus with missing seat covers.”.

One of the few memories of my dad laughing.

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In the privacy of my own home, I talk back to the TV all the time. I do my best to keep my mouth shut in the presence of others, though, for politeness’ sake.

As to specific comments, I find that “Meanwhile, in a completely different movie…” is a nice catch-all for incoherence, and “Chief?” “McCloud!” is always appropriate.

Kn([tom servo]Joe Don Baker is… Mittens![/ts])ckers

Heh, that’s it! Whenever a movie or TV show has a generic monster wandering around, one of my friends or I would randomly shout out “Creeeper… Creeper!” but always had the vague sense that we were getting the quote wrong.

As for comments directly stolen from MST3K, I’m always finding myself saying, “Remember that bad thing we saw? This is worse.” And also, from the sketch where Joel was trying to teach the 'bots the correct way to do double-entendre, “Say, does that T.V. come with a remote?”

In The Empire Strikes Back, the scene where Luke just gets his habd cut off and he’s falling through all the various tunnels and access ports and he comes to a rest for a second, I say:

“Well, it can’t get any worse than this.”

Then he falls out of the city onto the antenna array.