So I was looking at the lastest MST3K box set, volume 10, and there’s a Godzilla movie on it (Godzilla vs. Megalon). I always heard that the guy who owns the American distribution rights didn’t understand what sort of show MST3K was and, after seeing the resulting treatment of the films, was so furious that he vowed never to license them for home video release. Have I been told fibs all these years as I pined away in hopes of hearing the Jet Jaguar song one more time? Did he change his mind? What gives?

Apparently, Sandy Frank is still offended, as Rhino recalled Volume 10.

According to the Wiki article on the film, the box set was withdrawn because Rhino didn’t get the proper license from Toho. Doesn’t say anything about Sandy Frank though. Wish I’d known this thing was out sometime before it went to $100 on the secondary market.

That guy is still bitter over the time he dropped his hot dog on the beach.

I don’t think Sandy Frank handled Godzilla’s US distro - he did handle all the Gamera films, though.

And I mentioned the recall in my Ultimate MST3K thread, and it was on as soon as it happened… :wink: