MST3K Trivia question!!!

Alright folks,

What episodes of MST3K have movies that themselves have footage from another movie featured on MST3k?

I can think of two right off hand.

All are free to contribute questions.

La La La!

Ummm, “The Wild World of Batwoman” had footage from “The Mole People” in it.

I don’t know if it would count but “Invasion of the Neptune Men” had film footage from WWII
in it.

Cool question.

Gamera vs Barugon has a flashback to Gamera

Robot Monster has a cutaway to some completely bewildering footage of two (apparently gigantic) reptiles scrapping with one another, but I’m not sure if that harks back to any other movie in the MST3K canon…

Yes, Batwoman/Mole People was the first I was thinking of. The second was *Fugitive Alien II *which flashed back to Fugitive Alien I. Audit, I did not know that. I tend not to watch the Gamera stuff. Kaylasdad, the footage of two real lizards fighting with fake fins on is from King Dinosaur. So if they put it in *RObot Monster *too, then it qualifies. I just remembered that Rocketship XM and Lost Continent both use the same establishing shot in addition to lots of the same stock footage.

Who else has a question?

I bet someone gets this one quickly, but it’s still interesting trivia:

Which movie, lampooned on MST3K, actually won an Oscar?


In Girls’ Town, Mel Tourme was described by Mike as resembling a youthful version of what character?

And who was being parodied by the multi-episode running gag, “By this time, my lungs were aching for air?”

Second answer is Lloyd Bridges from Sea Hunt

What was Lloyds character named?

It’s been too long since I’ve seen it, but didn’t Master Ninja II have some flashbacks to Master Ninja I? I would guess the same is true of the second Ator (with miles of keefe).

Mike Nelson.

“Oh no, they blew up the Hitler Building!”

Master Ninja II is mercifully free of flashbacks. And I don’t remember them doing more than one Ator flick, (*Cave Dwellers *was the only one that I recall). Although it certainly had plenty of flashbacks from flicks they never put on the show.

What future congressman has appeared on MST3K?

Bob Dornan, in **Starfighters **(my first episode and still a favorite).

Very good. Now, what episode featured a film where the opening title was different from the ending title?

Would that be The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, a.k.a. The Head That Wouldn’t Die?

YAY! Now what other film had a title screwup?

Attack of the the Eye Creatures?

You folks are good.

In Mitchell, what’s the word on the street?