the ultimate timewaster

Sure, you can get music videos anywhere, but this place is pretty nifty. Music videos, live footage, Pop Up Videos- great stuff. Prepare to waste time.

I’m surprised it took them this long to launch the site. It seems like such an obvious move considering the fact that they pretty much own every music video ever made.

MTV might become relevant again.

This sucks! Every time I try to load a video, something like Celebrity Deathmatch, Cribs, The Real World or Road Rules comes on instead!

Just kidding.

I was actually impressed that they had the more sensual version of “Damn, I wish I was your lover” by Sophie B. Hawkins.

Warning for non-Americans: Copyrights restrict us from playing this video outside the US.

Holy crap! :eek: I searched for Queen and found soo much! Stuff that, after a decade of searching online, I didn’t know even existed anymore! The video for One Vision! Jesus Christ! This is awesome!

Hmm, well, they don’t have everything. I know that Alternative Nation and 120 played the hell out of two Frank Black solo songs in the early-mid '90s, but they are nowhere to be found on MTV’s site.

Still, they have more than enough to get really excited about, including several Pixies videos I never saw before!