Mud Volleyball, Ever Play?

So pretty close to me, a couple hours south in Ohio, they’re having a big Mud Volleyball game. :dubious: I’ve always sucked at sports in school, but liked getting dirty as a kid. Since my social stats is pretty low (IE dead ) I was thinking, what the heck, it’s a fun drive, maybe I’ll go down and see it. So anyone been to one before? I figure I’ll wear old clothes 'case I get splashed or something.

At the college I graduated from part of the homecoming was a big mud volleyball tournament. Everybody played and it was a blast. Wear old clothes for sure. There is mud flying everywhere. What doesn’t get splashed gets thrown. The ball gets unevenly coated with mud and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. ie the ball goes flying into the stands quite often spraying everyone in it’s path. Being drunk out of our minds had nothing to do with that either :dubious: Ahhhhhhh good times. :cool:

My girlfriend was in the parade one time so she dressed rather nicely and came to my game afterwards. Nice yellow dress. Need I go on? :eek: :eek: The ball hit her not once but twice in about a minute. She was somewhat less than pleased. :smiley: :smiley: Me rolling on the ground laughing didn’t help much. Some people have no sense of humor.