Multimedia CD aggravation

Okay, I sometimes like to stick a CD in my CDrom and run it in the background while reading email and cruising the net. I tried that tonight with my new Sarah McLachlan CD Surfacing, but it didn’t work. First thing is it pulls up a menu screen with a bunch of computer files. I read the Readme file to find out it’s a multimedia CD with a lot of computer stuff, like videos and merchandise and a link to a website, blah blah blah. Okay, so I try to run it, and it starts playing, but I can’t put the multimedia stuff in the background and do my surfing. It has to be on top or doesn’t play. Trying to get it shut off I ended up doing something that locked the screen so I had to reboot - irritating me to no end.

Why did they do this? Is there some way around that nonsense to play the CD without the multimedia? It’s supposed to have the regular audio CD tracks for regular audio players, and the multimedia stuff hiding on tracks at the end. I want to access those and ignore the multimedia. Anybody run into this? Have a solution?

Put the CD in the drive, kill the autorun screen if it pops up by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner. Click on your start menu, choose run, type “cdplayer” in there without the quotes, click OK and enjoy the goodness of Adia blasting out of your speakers as your browse the SDMB.