Multiple choice question: What rental unit do you use frequently? Why?

A. Car
B. Motorbike
C. Vespa Scoote
D. WHEELS scooter
E. Bird Scooter
F. Hover board
G. One wheel
H. Segway
I. Bicycle
J. Other (write your answer)

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J. Other.

The rental unit I use by far the most frequently is the apartment that I live in. I define “using it” to mean any time that I am there, including even right now as I type this post.

The next-most-frequent rental unit I’ve used in the last few years is also J. Other: one of the units (actually, ALL of the units) pictured on this page. Although to be honest, I didn’t exactly rent any of these units myself. A few friends did, and we went various interesting places, but we all split the expenses.

You can rent a One Wheel?

Bad, bad, bad idea.

I had a One Wheel for a while. It is cool as hell, fun as hell and dangerous as hell. There is a real learning curve for one. Very different than a typical scooter which anyone can get the hang of in about 30 seconds.

I injured myself riding a One Wheel and sold it. Wrenched my shoulder (yeah…long story). Still twinges a bit 18 months later. There is even a YouTuber whose whole channel was dedicated to zooming around on his One Wheel and he was very good at riding it and, semi-recently, he hurt himself on one sufficient for a hospital visit and stop him riding for a while. To be fair he was pushing the envelope instead of normal riding but it remains that the danger is real.

I loved riding it…I really did. Like surfing on land. But I am too old to be able to recover easily from spills and had to give it up.

I would never, ever let someone who had never ridden one rent one (or rather, I would do my level best to talk them out of it).

I wouldn’t rent anything I use frequently. I’d buy one.

I didn’t even know you COULD rent half these things (“one-wheel”? Are those the doodads with the wheel in the middle and standing platform on the outside? They do look kind of cool, I must say)

The only things I’ve ever rented are apartments and cars.

I use a bicycle nearly every day, but it’s one I own, not one I rent. I don’t know if that counts.

And why are scooters split up by brands, but bikes are all lumped together?

I rent cars now and then but mainly if I fly somewhere. The OW and I rented a couple bicycles at a park back in 1997 or so. Other than that have never rented any of the things on the list although I have used Segways and (you didn’t mention them but) golf carts.

Motorcycles/scooters ---- I have the right contacts to score a free loaner most places if I decide I really want one.

I have rented some lime scooters and some bikes, nothing regular since I am infrequently where those are available as I dislike those places, however when there I try to do something fun, so rent them.

Other. Major equipment I don’t own like sewer cleaners, concrete saws, etc.