multiple computers, some of them shared

And neither of them posts properly! :slight_smile:

Coldfire, you are such a tease!
We know you moved his post to the Moderators’ secret Junior Playland Clubhouse forum.

What did I do wrong??? :o I’m trying to be a good citizen! And I still don’t know the answer to my question.

That’s because your OP is gone, and we don’t know what the question is. The mods are superhuman, but they’re not psychic.

The hamsters ate your post Fishhead (there was an error somewhere that lost your post). Tell us what your post was. If it was “I post from several computers, is this a problem?” the answer is no. Many, if not most of us do - although not from work of course. If your question was to do with the fact that you post from shared computers, the answer is to make sure you logout after posting. There is a logout option on the main forum page. If your question was that you post from a computer that other posters post from, the answer (I think) is that that’s not a problem, but it might be wise to inform a mod of this in case one of the people posting from your computer attracts the attention of a mod and they wonder whether you are one person with several user names (which is not allowed).

Thanks, Hawthorne. I didn’t realize that the logout option existed, or what it did. So if I use it, the next person to access the straightdope from a shared computer won’t automatically be logged on as me. Duh. The first line of my OP was “I hate asking this question because I know it will make me appear an idiot.” So I am currently logged in on three shared computers. I can fix that on two of them, but not my in-law’s computer in St. Louis until I visit there again. But I think the chance of them accessing the SDMB is miniscule. Thanks again for your help. Your psychic abilities, or your powers of deduction, are also appreciated. Geez, I thought I had committed some kind of no-no and got my message booted.


For multiple SDMB accounts to work on the same machine, here’s what you have to do:

  1. All of you need to log in and out for your sessions, otherwise the board defaults to the last logged in. We DO understand that accidents happen, so if/when you post as someone else, be sure to say so.

  2. It won’t work at all unless ALL of you check the “browse board with cookies” option in your User Options/User Control Panel settings to “YES.”

If you’re not seeing the login at all, you might not have the “Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies)” option clicked either. Try setting that to “YES” and see what pops up for you. :slight_smile:

The login/logout can be accessed from directly under the forum listings on the Straight Dope Message Board Front Page or from the “Quick Reply” box on the bottom of each SDMB thread page.

Hope this fixes the problem for you.

your humble TubaDiva

PS One other thing: if you have a firewall (like, say, Zone Alarm), be sure you have it set up so it that it doesn’t block the SDMB cookie. Just went through this with another Doper and after we checked a zillion other settings, went through his browser, etc., he said, "Hey, I’m getting this little yellow flag message from Zone Alarm about cookies . . . " ARGH!