Need a little help

How the hell can we get two different screen names on the same computer? There are two people here who want to submit and neither one of us want to be responsible for the other’s actions. And, frankly, we are extremely appalled at this message board’s blatant disregard for people who have to share computers. Oh, and if there is a way to do it, we officially retract that last statement. Any help?

This came up just last night. On the main SDMB screen (where it shows all the forum names, who posted last, etc.) there’s a little link to “Sign Out”. You do this, then Person #2 over there can sign up.

Umm triton,

There are many that share a computer here.

Husbands and wives, roommates, father/mothers - sons/daughters, significant others, etc. I even think there are a few that have monkeys that post, but usually it’s under their screen name. :smiley:

It can and is being done.

Who are you calling a monkey? We prefer Simian-Americans.

Gee, the stuff that I miss 'cause I’m away from the boards, dealing with my “life”…

Our Teeming Millions tell you true, it’s possible for more than one of you to share a computer and post (separately) to the board.

There’s two ways you can do it.

  1. You have a shared screenname; we’ve had that in the past. A name like, say, “Crick & Watson.” (That’s the one we had before.) One name, two people. When you make a post, you indicate which one of you is talking.

That requires one email address, one screen name, and two people.

  1. You each have a separate screen name.

You each need a separate email address. Now, whenever you come post to the board, at the start of your session you need to sign in; this creates a cookie on your computer. At the end of your session, you need to sign out; that deletes the cookie.

By each of you signing in and out like that, you won’t be posting under one another’s screen names.

To log in and log out, see the first page of the Straight Dope Message Board, lower right hand corner. Paradoxically enough, to see the log in/log out function, you must have the “store password in user memory” option from your Profile clicked to “Yes.”

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to get y’all set up . . . and thanks, we appreciate all our Teeming Millions, old and new.

your humble TubaDiva

I think that tomndeb is another (more current) example of a shared username (unless ndeb is Tom’s last name), but in practice, it’s almost always Tom doing the posting.

Far as I know, Deb doesn’t post. Tom uses Tomndeb because that’s his AOL screenname (which he does, or at least did, share with Deb) that he used on the AOL board, and he signed up under the same name here so we’d recognize him.

If you use different computers, it gets real confusing.
I use the computers at the library where I work and each one now has a different recollection of when I last was there.
It’s kind of startling to see it say “You were here 2 weeks ago” when you logged on yesterday. Makes you doubt your memory.