question about multiple user names

  1. I only have one user name, I only want one.

  2. This is not a flame, but a question. It is about a locked thread, so I just want to make sure you know it is not a flame, and not one of those “questioning the moderators” kind of thing. It is an “unsure of a rule” thread, and so i am asking it in this place.

So - in the SDMB Serial Killer thread, from what I gathered, a regular user made up a second screen name and used it for the purposes of the game, and only for the game, and then got in trouble for having made up a second user name.

So my question is, why is it so bad to have a second user name if, like in this example, when the name is only going to be used for a particular thread, and it is a poster in otherwise good standing (this I am assuming) and everyone knows that it is a second user name, why is that so bad?

I can understand why you wouldnt want people to have lots of user names because of that whole idea of hand puppets, and because it makes it easier for trolls and stuff, but I was wondering what is the general idea behind this rule that I cant figure out?

Thank you.

Ok, just kidding, I was nosing around in the Pitt and found out that the lovely Lynn had answered that question.

Give 'em and inch, they take a mile, or something.

So nevermind, but thank you : )

I’ll repeat it here in my own words. Can’t hurt, right?

We have a rule that says you can only have one screen name per poster. I think most people understand that rule just fine, as it has lead to some problems in the past. With a message board this big, making “exceptions” to the rules is a dangerous thing. Where will you draw the line? Back in the day, when the SDMB was a tiny place with maybe 2000 members, Zette had a second login as well: “Santa”, IIRC. That was fun, and it was allowed. Lynn Bodoni had her “Cousin Vinnie” who’d come in and slap you silly had you done wrong. But as the problem with “sock puppets” got bigger, we decided to ban the use of second logins once and for all. For everybody. In a way, it’s a shame, maybe. But it’s all part of a message board this big and diverse. To keep it managable, some of the toys cannot be kept in the open. Cause there’s always a dumb kid around the corner who’ll abuse it.

Thank you Coldfire : )

In order to stave off the obvious forthcoming whine of “but MY other screen name was going to be for fun…what about Heeeeeeeer???”, I have no problem if the screen name “Santa” is removed. I signed on for it a long time ago before “sock puppets” were ever an issue. I did post with it recently in a “Thanks Santa” thread. Feel free to remove it if it is going to cause problems.


Of course, then there are issues where someone gets publicly smacked and then apparently e-mailed in a less then friendly fashion, ala` Welfy, who didn’t hurt anyone, and is now planning on never returning.

I think there should be some sort of case by case review of how best to handle it.

Just my $0.02 of course.

OK, Tristan, I’m puzzled. Certainly, Welfy never hurt anyone. Likewise, none of us hurt her. She’s not banned (at least, not her primary name), and she’s free to post or not under that one name as she pleases, just like everyone else on the board. Where’s the problem come from?

Well, from what was written in her LiveJournal, she feels she was attacked in an unfair manner. Hence, she has decided not to participate in the SDMB anymore.

I have a feeling that the whole thing could be fixed with an apology for being brusque, if necessary.

However, I could be wrong. It does happen. There are 3 sides to any story, and I’ve only got 1.5 of them.

And I apologized to Tubadiva for being snippy… I just hope it goes well.

Welfy has been with us since she was a pup, all the way back to the AOL days.

Our rules re screen names are not a secret and have been publicized for quite a while now.

I adore her but I wanna see where it sez the rules are different for her.

Stomping off in a huff is unfortunate on her part and I’m saddened she made that choice.

It’s not unfair to ask someone to abide by the same forum rules everybody else lives under.

your humble TubaDiva

I’m not saying she should get to keep her nom de keyboard… in fact, I agree with you. Board longevity is no reason for special treatment.

What I’m trying to say is that she perceives what happened to have been done poorly, in a rude way.

‘I was hoping to stay around for 1300 posts, but Tuba would probably be on my back about it if she saw me posting any more (I’m at 1284).’

‘She acts as if I was keeping the name in hiding on purpose…’

These are quotes from her LiveJournal. I don’t know what all was said, but it obvious she feels she was slighted.

As I’ve said in other threads, there are three sides to every story… hers, yours, and the truth. I only know part of hers, and part of yours.

Basically, what I’m saying is, if it turns out that Tuba was rude, intentionally or on accident, mayhaps a very simple “Woops, my bad, you can’t have the name but I shouldn’t have been so rude.” letter may bring back a valued member of this community.

However, if I’m in the wrong, and that is not possible, I will drop the subject entirely.

All Extreme quotes aside, it’s really a simple issue, Tristan.
I believe it was I who pointed out the error of two screen names to Welfy in whatever thread it was. Then I informed our administrators, who usually carry out board policy issues.
So, Tuba sent Welfy an e-mail asking her to drop one of the two names, and possibly expressing her disbelief that someone who’s been around for so long could have missed such an obvious and often discussed rule.

Now, no one is saying Welfy meant any harm. But I do think it’s fair to say that Welfy’s assumption that the rules somehow did not apply to her is, well, rather naive. And storming off in a huff over this? I don’t know, but it seems rather far fetched to me.

I do my share of snipping at mods (sorry Coldie ;)), but I’ve got to back them up on this one. With the board as big as it is, with new people coming in all the time, the rules really have to be The Rules.

When we had 2000 registered usernames, and maybe 500 active posters, the mods could cut more slack, and allow posters who used sock puppets responsibly to have them. But with 13,000 registered usernames, and (by my guesstimate, anyway) around 2000 actives, the mods have to cover a lot more ground, and in order to do so, some of the judgment calls necessarily have to be taken out of the picture.

After all, they’ve got jobs and lives too, and are doing this in their spare time because they happen to love this place. (A fact that I appreciate, even when I’m bitching at a mod.)

Welfy’s a nice person, but like TubaDiva says, she’s been ‘here’ since the AOL board, and it’s hard to believe the rules change caught her unawares. She’s not banned, so like Jenny says, she’s welcome back anytime - just without her sock.