Multiple Ipods on one Computer?

My roommate is itching to buy an Ipod, but we only have one computer in the apartment. As I wrote in the gapless playback thread, I spent hours renaming tags for mp3’s to get my 4,300 or so files to be uniform in itunes. Does anyone here have a way to manage two Ipods on a single computer with two separate file lists? Is there a setting in Itunes?

You don’t sync the iPods with the Library. You set up separate song lists for each iPod and sync each pod with its respective list.

Askance has it right, you can make a playlist that synchs to each iPod. A friend of mine does this.

My wife and I however have 2 profiles on Windows XP and we each have our own library (actually the same library, she doesn’t have my songs showing when we load “her” iTunes).

With iTunes 7 you can also apparently have multiple libraries, if you prefer to arrange things that way. When you start iTunes, hold down alt (or option) and it’ll let you pick. This is from what I’ve read - I haven’t tried it myself.

Awesome, I’ll give it a try when the new Ipod makes its appearance. Thanks!

Well, this is a great idea! Thanks!

I’ve got two iPods on my own PC. I’ve got my old 3rd gen 40GB that I store audiobooks and songs I don’t listen to that often. Then I’ve got my 5th gen 60GB that has all music. To keep both info on the iPods and computer seemed like a huge waste of space to me, so I set the iPods up so they don’t synch up when they’re plugged in. If I want to move/remove songs, it’s done manually.