Multiple questions in a OP

Does asking more than 3 but less than 8 closely related questions in a row in your OP piss people off so as to not want to answer any of your questions?

If so, then why? Why not just go through and answer whatever you can or have time for?

This could be thought of as a poll, so please answer if you happen to have a strong opinion on this.

This is a multiple question thread, please don’t be mad!

As long as the questions are related to the topic of the OP title (and you’d have to make sure that was clear and descriptive of the topic, I’d say), then I don’t see the problem. With mutiple question OPs, I just try going for one, maybe two parts at a time, knowing there’s a horde of other readers out there who will clear up the rest.

There’s no hard and fast rule, but it is generally easier for people wanting to respond, and to now-and-future readers, if you have one topic per thread.

Multiple questions on the same topic would be OK, but multiple questions on different topics in the same thread will be confusing to everyone.

Thus, one OP could ask:
“In the poem about Little Miss Muffet, what are curds and whey? and what is a tuffet?”

However, asking in one OP:
“In the poem about Little Miss Muffet, what are curds and whey? And why does a red light mean stop? And how do the measure the speed of light?” That would be…well, annoying.

While I too think it’s fine, sometimes it can be confusing as to what the OP is actually asking. I think you will get better responses if you say, “I would like the answers to the following six questions; please answer as many or as few as you wish:” Then have a well-labeled list.

Furthermore, how the hell would you formulate an informative thread title for something like that?

You’re right. Usually you see something like, “3 Questions” or even “3 q’s”.

I don’t know about informative, but what about:

Curds and whey, the meaning of red lights, and measuring the speed of light

(hey, it all fits into the title box…)