Munchkin Mini Mafia

The epic Evil Dead Mafia has just ended and someone will start up a new game soon. But for a quick bout of fun Mafia, I’ve put together
Munchkin Mini Mafia!!!1!111!!!

This will be a quick game. I need 10 players, but no more than 15. With two lynches and two scum-kills per week, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks, probably on the short end. The theme will be dungeon-tromping hack and slash–everyone will have a role based on a race and class. There will be magic items!

General meta-rules are no posting restrictions, no recruitment, no substitutions. Rules will be completely open (will post them later). We’ll keep the game to this thread, since it shouldn’t get horribly long.

Express your interest here. The game will start sometime next week.

I’ll give a whirl. Anyone want a duck of doom?

Sounds fun, I’m game.

I’m tempted…

Would we be able to choose our own race and class? What about alignment?

What I would like to see is somebody running a game for total Mafia asshole beginner newbs. I am intrigued by the game, but there’s no way I’m wading out in those 3,000 post waters with the sharks.

Me and a bunch of other clowns with no idea how the game works, that’s the ticket. In my opinion.

Preferably with werewolves or dinosaurs.

I’ve actually got an idea in the works for this. However, I suspect that some people might object to me modding three games at once.

If anyone else wants to mod a Newbie game, they can have my idea. Just PM me.

Sorry, you don’t get to choose your role. :slight_smile:

This game won’t be a huge read to wade through, simply because it’ll be fewer players and fast-paced. And although this game will be more complex than the bog standard Mafia (I have a reputation to maintain!), it won’t be too hard either. There’s no better way to learn Mafia than jumping into the pool.

That’s probably the best way to learn to wrestle alligators, too, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing it.

Ah. Then I’m going to stay out of this one.


Would people mind if I modded another game soon again? Because I’m really starting to like the modding thing. And we haven’t had a straight-up (mostly) all vanilla game since…YSI, I think (And since it’s a newbie friendly game, it would have normal votes).

Pick me!

This. I’ve been intrigued by this “Mafia” game ever since I saw the werewolf game a while back. That awesome cult-invasion pretty much sealed the deal for me, but it seems like every subsequent game just gets more complicated. I’d like to stick my toe in, but I want the waters to be slightly less shark-infested than usual.

/in :smiley:

Speaking of sharks…

You’ve got me thinking of writing up a totally geeked-out biology-themed mafia using actual anatomy/physiology/behavior.

If anyone would play it.

Combining D&D and Mafia? Count me in, I can scratch two itches at once.

Of course it can’t be the real D&D, as that’s all about killing things and taking their stuff, so you can kill more bigger things and get more bigger stuff…

Can it?

I don’t think anyone would object to you running another game, but be careful making too vanilla like. Make sure, like You Solve it, you have something to keep people interested. Otherwise yu can get long periods of time where people have nothing to say.

I’ve got some ideas…no, I think it’ll work.

Am I too late? I want in.

Players so far:

  1. Hawkeyeop
  2. tdpatriots12
  3. Darth Sensitive
  4. ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies
  5. MHaye
  6. Zsofia

We need four more players and can take up to nine more.

Two things:

  1. I would definitely like to play in this game.

  2. I am interested in moderating a very simple, newbie-type game. I’m tired of these Byzantine insane things I keep putting together. So I’d be happy to get on the list somehow or other.

Sure, I’ll jump in this one.

To the newbie mafia game, maybe it would make sense to make one with an open or semi-open setup, standard roles (godfather, masons, doctor, cop) and just limit it to people who have never played or played only a few (ie, I wouldn’t qualify to play, but maybe someone like Natlaw may still be able to since he’s only played one). After all, when we first brought mafia here, the rules were a lot simpler and few of us had any experience.