Mafia de Cuba game

Now that the latest Mafia/Werewolf game has been completed and it looks like we probably will not have another one until after the holidays, I thought we might try something a bit shorter and lighter in the social deduction genre. So, if there is enough interest, I will run a game of Mafia de Cuba in this thread. I can handle 6 to 12 players and if you would like to play, sign up in this thread.

The way the game works:

I will randomize the player list and the first player on the list will be the Godfather. The list will be public information. The Godfather will be given a virtual cigar box that contains 15 diamonds and a number of tokens representing various roles in the game. The Godfather will remove from 0 to 5 diamonds from the box and pass it to the next player on the list. This player and each player after will remove something secretly from the box and pass it on to the next player. Each player may remove either:

  1. as many diamonds as they wish, or
  2. a role token of their choice

The last player will pass the box back to the Godfather who will see the remaining contents and start their interrogation.

If a player has taken diamonds from the box, then they will have the role of a thief. If a player has taken a role token, then they will be that role for the game. The Godfather will interrogate the other players with the goal of determining who has his diamonds. The Godfather will ask questions of players, like how many diamonds were in the box when they received it, or what tokens they passed on. The players can answer or not as they wish or even talk without being questioned. After a while, the Godfather will accuse a player by stating in bold

MentalGuy(or whoever), empty your pockets!

The player (or myself, the moderator) will then reveal what that person had taken from the cigar box. If it is diamonds, the player that was caught with them is eliminated from the game and the game continues. The Godfathers goal is to retrieve all his diamonds. If he does that he wins. If the Godfather accuses someone without diamonds, the Godfather loses (there is an exception that will be explained below).

The roles other than thief that will be in the game are:

Loyal Henchman - There will be 1 to 5 henchmen depending on the number of players. The henchmen win if the Godfather wins.

Agents - There will be 1 or 2 agents in the game. One is FBI, one is CIA. If an agent is accused, they win the game alone.

Drivers - There will be 1 or 2 drivers in the game. A driver wins if the player before him on the list of players wins.

In any other situation, the thief with the most diamonds wins the game.
Special Rules:

The first player after the Godfather may, if they wish, remove one of the role tokens from the game at the time that they are choosing what to take from the box.

If there is nothing in the box for a player to take, then they become a Street Urchin. A Street Urchin wins if a thief wins, thus they win if they get accused. The last player before the box is returned to the Godfather may choose to be a Street Urchin by not taking anything from the box, even if it still contains roles or diamonds.

Depending on the number of players, the Godfather may have 1 or 2 bottles of rum. If the Godfather accuses a henchman, urchin, or driver wrongly, he may give them one of the bottles of rum to apologize and not lose the game.

If there are any questions regarding the rules, let me know.
This game could be run without a moderator, but since this is the first attempt at it on this board, I will moderate and have all actions sent to me and then relay them to the thread. Once we have enough players, I will give a day or two to see if anyone else wishes to play, then start the game. I am not going to put a time limit on anything right now, but if the game seems to be dragging, I may say the Godfather has to make an accusation within a certain amount of time.

Missed the edit window, but I did not make it clear that in the interrogation phase, the players are free to lie about what they have or what they saw.

This sounds like a cool game, but I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me so I will regretfully have to decline the invitation (even though I appreciate it should be less intense than Mafia). I look forward to watching along though.

Yes, please. Count me in.

/in please


Hey, what’s the expected duration of a game like this?

I honestly do not know. It will partially depend on how active players are. The more the players talk, the sooner the Godfather should be able to make accusations. Then it will just depend on the variables in the game. How many players took diamonds? How well is the Godfather identifying them? I don’t really expect it to last two weeks once it gets started, but I can’t say for sure. Of course, if the Godfather accuses an agent early on, it might be over really quickly.

I’m in, sign me up.

Okay, I’m in! I have next week, sort of busy weekend(but I’ll manage!) and then beginning next week.

Fun to try something new! I guess this was more or less what I requested in the game discussion thread.

I haven’t played a game on these boards in a few years but I was following the last mafia game (in my usual lurking style). I’m in.

Just a general observation, having casually followed some of the recent ones…

Any way to add some more structure and role-playing to the proceedings? I’m really not interested in how things are usually done here (while admitting that there are variations of course), where most of the time is spent trying to poke the nitpickiest of holes in another player’s posting history. [Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what it seems to be to me…]

I actually thought of this in bed this morning. Classic mansion whodunit setting, kind of sort of modeled after the game Clue. Each room in the place (and some would not be known to the players right off the bat) would contain clues, weapons, things that you could (and could not) do in that location. Players must devise a character name and persona, and must stay in character, this in addition to being assigned to whatever team(s) by the GM + special powers.

Each game round they can walk around the place. For the first few rounds they can mingle for a bit, then the first victim’s body is revealed. The survivors then go around and scrounge up clues while trying to avoid being killed, or, if on Team Evil, plot the demise of other players and leave red herrings laying about. Reward moving about the house somehow, vs. just sitting in a huge group in one room for protection while nothing happens…

Rooms: maybe in the Library you can research the background of any character-while in the Study (replete with telescope) can check to see what someone else (in another room) is doing that round, in the Conservatory you can tell if someone is lying…note I am just brainstorming here. You get one action in that room per round, one of which could also be Hunt for Clues…

This way the discussions will revolve around actions and statements in game (and in character), and not in this nebulous meta-area in which they usually take place.

Thoughts? I realize it would require more work out of the GM to set it up, but I think the experience would be richer. Just my 2 pence.

You could run dual games, with different(or not, if some are up for that) participants?

That sounds like an awesome idea, but it definitely is not in my wheelhouse as far as running something like that. I am just sticking to taking already existing social deduction games and converting them to forum play. Someone with more creativity can come up with alternate ideas.

I will say, though, that I think picking the nitpickiest of holes in other players posting history is kind of the point of the game and what many of us find fun.

We now have six players, so I will definitely run the game. I will give one more day for anyone else that is interested to sign up then we will begin.
We played this several times on Thanksgiving and had a good time (along with The Resistance:Avalon and One Night Ultimate Werewolf), but we will see how it goes with forum play.

Current player list:

Prof. Pepperwinkle

Okay, getting psyched!

This would be great, and I’m sure lots of people would be up for something like this, but this is more or less the opposite of what I want from mafia, or any derivative. I think there could be room for roleplaying in a mafia-like game, but balance needs to be taken into consideration.

I think this sounds like a lot of fun! I’m in.

Me too!!

I’d like to play!

And I, also, R Confused. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh,** septimus** is 7th to sign up? Good timing.