Mafia de Cuba game

Okay, we have 7 players and are going to begin the game. The randomized list is

Prof. Pepperwinkle
so Wolverine is the Godfather. The cigar box starts with 15 diamonds, 2 Loyal Henchman tokens, 1 FBI Agent token, and 1 Driver token. With only 7 players, the Godfather will not have any rum.

The box will then be passed down the list and each player may help themselves to as many diamonds as they wish or a role token. IRConfused will have the option of removing a role token from the game in addition to what they take. If the box is empty when you receive it, you will be a Street Urchin. septimus will have the option of not taking anything from the box and becoming a street urchin.
I will notify each of you by PM when you receive the box of what the contents are. Please send a PM back to me letting me know what you are taking. I will not be posting updates here in the thread after each passing.

I am on Central Standard Time, so you can expect me to not be available during my local night. I also work during the week, so while I can check occasionally, the board will not have my full attention. I will get to things as soon as I can.

Well this should be exciting and possibly a very short game with no rum.

BTW, I’m on GMT +8 time so I won’t be very active during the day for most of the U.S. but will try to get any PMs or accusations in early enough (before 8am local = 9pm EST).

:smack: I mean 8am local = 7pm EST

Daylight savings time is much easier as China doesn’t follow it so the math is exactly 12 hours difference.

Lynch the lurker! Oh, wait, wrong game…

I will be watching with interest.

Creepsauce, man…

I don’t want to be accused of lurking in this game so I better start getting my post count up.

Why is the rum always gone?

Hey guys, I brought wine!

Forget the wine, keep the cannoli!

Did someone say chocolate?

Come on people, we need to do this while my blood pressure is high!


The box has been returned to Wolverine and he may begin his interrogation.

I did not have to time when I wrote my last post to say a few things, so here they are now.
If Wolverine addresses a question to you, please respond. You do not have to tell the truth, and you can even dodge the question if you would like, but please respond with something so that everyone knows that you have seen the question.

You may talk even if Wolverine has not directly questioned you. I would like you to wait until Wolverine starts his interrogation, though.

A formal accusation will come in the form of:

MentalGuy, empty your pockets!

Once you are accused, it is okay with me if you go ahead and reveal what you took. Just be truthful. I will confirm it as soon as I can, and if it ended the game, will reveal the winner(s).

This should be kind of cool. We’ll have to attempt this with a larger group too, some time.

I’ll start with 2 questions.

To Plumpudding: how many diamonds were in the box when you received it?

To Mahaloth: which roles were in the box when you received it?

@Wolverine: Not all, but quite a few. I’m pretty meh about diamonds, so I only glanced. How many were left when you gave it away?

Henchman and FBI Agent

Mahaloth, that is a lie.

@Mentalguy: If you didn’t take all of the diamonds lost in between us, I think **IRConfused **removed either a henchman token or the FBI token and took diamonds from you.