Mundane December

I’ve been too lazy to drag my youngest cat with me to work and neuter him, but I can put it off no longer. Today he sprayed somewhere in my bedroom and it smells AWFUL. My poor little baby. He has no idea what is in store for him this weekend.

Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.–Coleridge

Mundane? I’ve got mundane. Yesterday I bought a new vacuum and that plastic shrink-wrap stuff for my windows. I spent last night and a chunk of this evening cleaning (which I almost NEVER do). I got distracted about an hour ago when I decided to move my computer from my bedroom into the living room.

The only reason I’m bothering to do all this stuff is because I ran into a cute friend of mine on Saturday night and he mentioned that he hasn’t seen my new place, so now suddenly I’m compelled to make it look like a civilized person lives here. I know, it’s pathetic.

Mundane? I have finals in two weeks. No partying, all cramming. And it’s basically all reading, too (I’m not taking any math or science), so it’s slogging through really old, obtuse literature, or, worse yet, my sociology textbook. Gag.

Mundane eh?

I decorated my apt for christmas and have now been forced to watch christmas movies with the SO.

I’m STILL waiting for my copy of Caligula on DVD. I hope it’s here for christmas.

Seattle is under seige by the hippies. Makes me wish i had a billyclub and some free time to go downtown.

I like cookies.

How do you like that! And without so much as a “Kiss my foot” or “Have an apple”!

Gawd - this is the best apple I have ever tasted - EVER! A HUGE Fuji from a state produce inspector in Washington State. A farmer gave him a few bags full as a brown-nosing-the-inspector type of thing.

Damn it is GOOD!

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

I got some porcelain hinged boxes today. I got a replica of a Swanson’s chicken TV dinner, a can of Hershey’s syrup, a pizza pie, and a teepee. These things are absolutely worthless, but I love them.

My upstairs neighbors are doing bad things quite loudly…hmm…well, that was over fast! Good. If I’m not having sex no one else should be allowed to either! If I ever DO get lucky, I need to remember to keep it quiet. I don’t feel like having everyone who lives around me knowing what I do.

Well michelle, actually we (So and I) always make a lot of noise… i figure… if it pisses them off, they souldn’t like in an apt.

How do you like that! And without so much as a “Kiss my foot” or “Have an apple”!

*Michelle: I’ve been too lazy to drag my youngest cat with me to work and neuter him, but I can put it off no longer. Today he sprayed somewhere in my bedroom and it smells AWFUL. My poor little baby. He has no idea what is in store for him this weekend. *

Wish I was that lucky. Our oldest cat, neutered, started spraying when our youngest (female) went into heat. We spayed her, and it stopped. Then my wife got pregnant, and it started all over again!

For some reason, he sprays our VCR, our wine rack, and any clothes hanging on the backs of dining room chairs.

Hormone spray is starting to help, but we’re still leery.

Every time I see him start twitching his butt at an object, I feel like peeing on him myself and letting him know I don’t like his behavior. :frowning:

Okay, my phone line is supposed to start working today, which means I’ll be able to use the net from home, not only from the computer lab. Right now I’m waiting for the mail room to open, because the idiotic person I bought an answering machine from on ebay sent it to the address on my CHECK, which happens to be my school box, which I never use, because I don’t live on campus. It took me like a week to realize that I hadn’t been ripped off, cause my package didn’t go to my house, like I asked. Grr.


“You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine.”

Eldest Son got his braces off yesterday! The orthodontist gave him a “treat” bag filled with all the stuff he hasn’t been able to eat in the last two and a half years: bubble gum, caramels, popcorn, etc.

We had our pictures taken by a professional studio last night. It’s no mean feat to get all three of the boys gussied up and reasonably neat all at the same time, I assure you!

Middle Son’s play is tomorrow night – they are doing Tom Sawyer.

::crossing fingers for luck:: I may be going to settle a big case today – we’ve agreed on the money and are now arguing over the terms!

I’ve discovered ebay . . . and I’ve corrupted Majormd! < g >


Last week my office moved into a brand new building. We’re the first occupants so we get to be the guinea pigs and work out the bugs. For example, today is the first day we’ve had heat. While Oregon winters don’t get that cold (usually), an unheated building is still far from comfortable.

But today was the coo duh Gracie. When I was coming in the front door, I hit the automatic door opener button because my arms were full and the door is a huge glass monster door. The door opened and then the damn thing fell off its hinges! Fortunately, the arm that opened the door halted its descent, but I still grabbed a hold of it in case it turned out to be too much for the arm to bear. Not that I could have really born it without the aid of the arm, but I had visions of that arm tearing loose (after all, the hinges hadn’t held) and umpteen hundred pounds of glass shattering on the marble floor. (I’ll confess, a naughty part of me said, “Let go, I bet that would look neat, and you’ll probably never see anything like it again.” But I didn’t.) Fortunately, I didn’t have to scream for help very long before a couple construction guys came to my rescue.

I’m still feeling skittish around the doors in this building.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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I just bought the Poison greatest hits CD…I had SUCH a middle school flashback driving home. Actually took the long way so I could keep singing. Damn, I need help… :wink:

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

Bought a cool new phone for my mom for Christmas. Decided to keep it (we’ll get her another one.) Cordless, digital answering machine, caller I.D. on the handset, etc. Only $99 from Crutchfield.

Am trying to think of something witty to record for the answering machine message.

Melin: congrats to your son on the braces thing! I suffered through that as a youngun and still remember the giddy joy when those accursed things came off. If he develops a tic running his tongue over his front teeth, it’s pure sensory weirdness, feeling slick enamel instead of metal buttresses.}

Gr8Kat: sympathies on your door. We just did a whoopee-do expansion project w/ a spiffy sliding glass door. Too bad the electronic eye didn’t work and idiotically clanged shut on an old lady. Guess she was too slow sprinting into the building.

Me? Heading out of town for a grant defense (lotsa yucks there, you betcha), work is crazed, I’m trying to ignore Christmas coming up, and my board prez wants to fix me up w/ a “catch”. And he is a catch, only I’m too nervous and pooped to care.

Mostly I want to snuggle in with my dog, the dust bunnies, some books and just settle for a while.

I’m a nerd.


Several months ago, I bought my daughter an oversized Blue’s Clues puzzle-type thingy. I’ve been finding pieces of it all over the house. Today I was possesed by an urge to collect all of the pieces and put them together in one place. So I did. But there’s still one piece missing. I will not sleep tonight.

Hey Cristi! Ever find that piece??

My MPSIMS for today…Army-Navy game is this weekend. First time it’ll be on I won’t be in Annapolis, watching the buses with the middies pull out or hanging out downtown with some friends, watching the game. Still planning on watching it on TV, though! :slight_smile:


I finally got a new chair for the computer desk. Now I can toss my parrot chewed dining room table chair that I have been using.

My Violet Crumble arrived today! I gave a bar to my friend, and he didn’t die when he tried it.

Falcon is OK.

The mule felching cadets move into Vet stadium again… I hope the railings hold this year.

Thank you, Chief! I grew up in Annapolis - how could I not be a Navy fan?!? (half my friends went to the Academy too, so I keep hoping I’ll see them in one of those shots they do during commercials…)

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

I learned how to draw and name hydrocarbons in Chemistry today. It’s the first time in a while that I actually felt I was learning something. :slight_smile:

My car keys are still lost here in my room somewhere. I can’t find them - that means I’ll have to clean my room (shudder). I have backup keys, but Dad says I can only use them for 2 days. It might not matter anyway - it smells like my car’s burning oil. Maybe I can use Mom’s car again… That’d be nice.

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