Mundane, Pointless Complaint

I don’t think this deserves a whole thread, but I want to complain about something. When I am done, feel free to add other complaints that didn’t deserve their own threads.

I have to wear padded bras just to be an A Cup. I’m not competely flat-chested; I do have some breasts. And I’m happy with them. But this just makes me want to cry!


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Why? This may be a surprise to some, but there are an equal amount of guys out there that like small breasts than like large breasts. And another even third have no preference. So honestly, it doesn’t matter.

This is assuming you are concerned about your breast size because of how they attract men. There could, of course, be any number of other reasons to care about your breast size. Though I don’t know what those reasons could be.

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No, I like my breasts the way they are, and I’ve had enough men tell me that they like them, too. What makes me want to cry is that Rachelle called a C Cup “a little bit of cleavage”. If that’s a little, what am I???


The Power Of Christ: 2000 years and He hasn’t come yet!


Alpha!!! lol! That’s awful, and I feel guilty for laughing!

Cess- never worry about others classifications. One persons “small amount” is another persons “abundance”. Don’t sweat it.

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Hmmmmm… breasts…
Oh, uhm, sorry. Carry on.


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thats nothing,Cess. Mine are two different sizes. The one on the left is bigger,making wearing a tube top weird.Keeps sliding down on the right…

Orangecakes: My “mind’s eye” picture of you just keeps getting weirder and weirder… :wink:

David, vice versa

Of the breasts I have seen (in person w/o surgery), 95% of the time the size of the woman’s breasts were different, if only slightly.

Oh and yea…what Coldfire said ~ :wink:

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I never met a pair of breasts I didn’t lick… LIKE! I mean LIKE!

Yer pal,

orangecakes–as long as your breasts don’t alternate in size, like pistons. That would REALLY make it hard to wear a tube-top.

Cess, the French say that anything more than a mouthful is a waste. . . .


Me and my big mouth…

Cessandra, lots of smaller women are physically fabulous babes, but Guanolad has earned his handle when he asserts that an equal number of men prefer smaller and another third don’t care. Survey after survey shows that in America straight men like big (but firm) breasts. I don’t know what the survey says about lesbian women, but my Sapphic galpals like 'em toward the melon end, too.

I know. Life sucks. Oh, well. (If you’re after the physical thing, try exploiting your legs).


OK, I don’t want you too think I’m obsessed with large breasts. I’m just a little jumpy lately. I should start drinking D-cup… decaf! decaf!.. I meant to say decaf! But really, huge breasts aren’t that big of a deal.

Look at all the hottie female celebrities out there. All the “it girls”. How many of them are truly large breasted? Not many at all. Almost none in the D-cup range. Obviously guys can and do get around the large breast thing.

Just like most women are attracted to a toned and fit male body, but thin wiry freaks like Hugh Grant seem to do all right. It’s a case-by-case basis folks.

Cess,Cess,Cess…Would you rather be beautiful you with small breasts,or a certain unlikable woman who used to post here with Large breasts? See my point? love ya

Cessendra, if it makes you feel any better, I saw your pic on your web page and I think you are absolutely beautiful. Chances are, although the woman you quoted has bigger fun-bags, you are probably prettier in general.

Of course, I can’t really say for sure unless I were to see a pic of that walking milk factory…


walking milk factory?

You’re a freak Revtim. Almost as freaky as orangecakes with her different capacity fun-bags!

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