Mundane, Pointless Complaint


Can you find a cite for one of these? I’m sure you’re right, but I’ve never seen firm (heh heh) data on it.

Wait…does this mean those of us who ARE large-chested are a waste? sniifle sob

I’ll go wander off into the corner now…

“You are sweet, kind, and considerate… Like a grown up boy scout with tits!” - Brian, aka SDMB’s one and only Satan.

Guys, guys, guys. Don’t freak. I’m totally cool with my breast size. Especially since one of Carl’s friends remarked after he first met me (not to my face, of course), “I like her tits. They’re perky.”

I just hated the insinuation that a full size and a half larger than me wasn’t enough to fill out a bathing suit or tank top. As a matter of fact, I’m filling out the tank top that I am wearing quite nicely.

Now use this thread for the reason I started it! Complain about other things!


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OK, Falcon and all the rest of us, um, well endowed ladies will now bitch about how having big boobs can be a pain in the… back.

Look it’s no fun, in the 6th grade I was wearing a 34/36 c cup bra, you can’t guess how often I heard the old “hey whats worse than a hurricane ? A texas titty twister” line followed by a pinch of the boob. Yes boys would do that back then, just to cop a feel.

Now I wear a f cup , and that is hard on the back and shoulders.
If you don’t wear a bra , you dare not run, not even if your house is on fire, your boobs will hit you in the face and knock you out.

I hate bras, they are torture devices IMHO, but I have to wear one, like it or not 75 % of the time.
So there . :stuck_out_tongue:

Ayesha - Lioness

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Now use this thread for the reason I started it! Complain about other things!

Hmmmm… breasts…


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  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Ayesha: Ouch. Have you considered a reduction? That can’t be good for your back.

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I cried the day I had to buy a D cup bra. My best friend has small breasts, maybe a tiny but bigger than how you described yours, Cass, and she complains all the time, but I would trade her in a minute. Umm, let me caveat that by saying I would trade her if I could also have a little body to wear the little boobies on. I think what men are attracted to more that a particular size is proportion. Different women look good with different size breasts. You have to admit that women who are heavier and have wide hips look even worse if they have very small breasts.

Here’s my crude but womanly asessment of how breasts fit into the whole package: as long as your breasts stick out further than your belly, you probably look pretty good.

The vending machines at work jacked the price of a 5 pack of gum from .40 to .50.

The greedy bastards.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

My fucking neck hurts!

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Snails, then Jerry Lewis, now this. My disdain for the French is complete.

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And while Yori raged against his unbending
courage, we took Kyuden Hiruma back.
His loss is great, but so is the gift his suffering brought.
-Yakamo’s Funeral

I think you may be using it wrong, dearie.

Flypsyde said

That one gets my vote for best post of the new year.