Mundane Pointless Life Goals

I have a new goal in life. :slight_smile:

Some day, I shall be in a comfortable enough financial situation that I will be able to pay someone to come scoop out the litter box.

Every day.

I figure ten bucks a day oughta do it. (It’s, what, five or ten minutes’ worth of work? I wish I could get that kind of hourly wage.) Gotta be someone I trust coming into my house every day, though.

Who says I don’t have any goals? :smiley:

Not even close, pal. In fact, I can pretty much guarentee you will never be in a “situation” that you could get *me *to do it.

My goal is to be able to afford expensive tea.

I love drinking tea. It’s about the only beverage I enjoy guilt free. There is some good exotic tea out there and I feel like I’m missing out.

I’ve decided and am working to convince my husband (not that it’ll take much effort) that we have to be at the 1000th birthday party for the apparently oldest, still running brewery in the world, at the Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria. Their founding year was 1040, so I told my husband that if all goes well we should still be in good health then - we’ll both be in our late 60s - and we should celebrate with them. :smiley:

One goal I have is to make enough money to buy good art.

‘‘One art, please!’’
/ Dr. Zoidberg

Dammit purplehorseshoe, you just reminded me to go clean out the catboxes.

I’ll settle for someone to do the dusting, my most hated chore. A joke around the house used to be that when the dust got to a certain level, it was time to move.

I’d love to never have to clean the bathroom. I hate the smell of toilet bowls and toilet bowl cleaner. And when that couples with the smell of Scrubbing Bubbles… eewww. I don’t mind Scrubbing Bubbles themselves, but the smell of it and toilet bowl cleaner and Windex for the mirror and windows? yick.

Awww, I like some of these! :slight_smile:

Serenata67, you oughta look into all-natural cleaners, which are less toxic (or nontoxic) and for the most part don’t smell at all. Google something along the lines of “household cleaning baking soda” (and/or vinegar) or just read a couple of Hints from Heloise columns! Besides being a cheap, green, and mostly odor-free way to clean, you also get the fun that comes from making a “volcano” of baking soda and vinegar to clean the drain! Whee, foamy! :slight_smile: