Mundanely mellow Sunday

Got up this morning to find it had snowed last night - that’s on top of the ten inches or so that fell over the last two days. Went to church without shoveling - I knew it would be there waiting when I got back. Church was nice; the High School kids put on a “Christmas Pageant” that was goofy and funny and charming, and gave them all an opportunity to wear cool shades in church. We sang Christmas songs and had coffee and cookies afterward.

When we got home I went out to shovel - last night’s dusting plus the remainder of Thursday’s snowfall that I hadn’t gotten around to yet. After warming up inside, I meditated for an hour, then ventured out to buy a tree with my daughter. We got a bargain, as the lot was trying to clear out the last of their sad, bedraggled inventory. The tree we found turned out to be pretty nice; it’s slowly thawing and filling out in the living room right now, to the consternation of the cats. I visited to check out today’s offering (it’s pretty good), then sat and chatted with the wife while we watched the tree drip.

Now, the girl child has gone off to a Youth Group Christmas Party. I’ve just responded to an e-mail from old friends, inviting us over for a post-Christmas get-together. The wife and I are about to crack open a bottle of wine and update our web page with pictures and blog. We’ll “forget” to have dinner, opting instead for grazing on cheese, olives and whatever else goes with Merlot.

I live in Detroit, and I’m unemployed for the first time in 25 years. Despite all that, it’s days like today that help me regroup, recoup and recharge.