Mundanity defined.

I’m on my fourth serving of ice today. I chew it at work, you know. I’ve asked my neighbors, and they don’t mind since I do it with my mouth closed.

Sometimes, if I’m hungry, I’ll sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar over the cubes before I chew them. It makes it more fun.

I am wearing headphones in addition to my phone headset (which covers only one ear). My boss keeps coming up behind me to talk, and I’m ignoring him completely.

Between mouthfulls of ice, I chew the occasional altoid. Wintergreen, no less. I like them.

I have three more hours before I can go home and get drunk.

I used to chew ice like a fiend until my dentist told me it’d wear down the enamel on my teeth.

I’m getting paid to work on my own web page right now. It’s for practice so I can do the Department’s intranet page. How cool is that?

My permanent molars came in with no enamel on them due to a reaction to anesthesia from my finger being severed at the age of two.