Murdaugh Murder Timeline: Alex Murdaugh. This story gets crazier by the day

There’s a death in 2015 that is being investigated. The maid died under some mysterious circumstances in 2018.

The son Paul is involved in a deadly boating accident in 2019 and he’s charged, but then he and his mom are murdered in 2021.

Then Alex Murdaugh is shot, but it turns out he hired the guy to shoot him. Also, Alex was apparently stealing from his law firm.

They’re going to need a 4 hour episode of Dateline for this story.

The only mystery is why this sort of oligarchic privlege survives into the 21st Century. Am I the only one who thinks police and prosecutors would have resolved all of these deaths and shootings in short order if this family wasn’t so well connected?

He was shot in the head by the guy he hired, and was supposed to die, but he survived.

From a BBC news site (my bold) :-

“Mr Murdaugh’s attorney said on Wednesday that he devised the plan in the mistaken belief that his son would not be able to collect insurance money if he took his own life.”

This guy’s a hot shot lawyer … surely he’d know this.

That sounds like a C&W song !
:musical_note: :musical_note:
He was shot in the head
by the guy he hired,
and was supposed to die,
but he survived.
Big John,
big bad John.

Meh, this is a pretty bland game of Fiasco. Where is the mayor’s wife’s kidnapped Bichon Frise, stolen vintage Buick Grand National with a large duffel of bearer bonds in the trunk, and the underground hallucinogenic fungus farm hidden beneath the county water reservoir?


The YouTube channel That Chapter has a couple videos detailing the case:

Mike, the host, is a very entertaining narrator.

Alex was arrested yesterday. Video of him at the bond hearing doesn’t show a bandage or any visible wound. Yet, he required a airlift to a hospital a week ago?

Where’s that bullet wound to the head Alex? I don’t even see a shaved spot for treatment.

Early on, authorities termed Alex Murdaugh a “person of interest” in the murders of his wife and son - then reportedly backtracked later and said he wasn’t (according to the N.Y. Post).

His family has claimed he has a solid alibi for the time of the shootings, but on the other hand he’s accused of hiring someone to kill him in a life insurance scheme, so have they ruled out a hit man in the double homicide?

I haven’t seen anything about his wife having a big life insurance policy.

Just imagine the true crime writers jockeying to write this blockbuster.

Alec Murdaugh arrested today in Florida on suspicion of misappropriating funds associated with the settlement in his housekeeper’s death in 2018.

Murdaugh is now a person of interest in his wife and sons deaths.

He left rehab today and immediately arrested for taking funds from a settlement.

This guy went from pillar of the community to monster overnight.

Corey Fleming is the attorney that represented the house keeper’s family and handled the wrongful death insurance claim. The money went into a account controlled by Murdaugh.

Murdaugh burned through a lot of money propping up his family’s lavish lifestyle and his drug habit.