Muscle fatigue?

I have started working out recently. Today I used a Hip Adducter at 85 pounds. My legs are sore but not a problem. Today when I was walking I felt my foot drag a little but I lifted it, then I fell. Is this a common thing if you’ve worked out a bit more than usual?

Why did you fall? Was it a balance issue or, were you unable to support your weight?

I may have dragged my foot, but I had lifted it before I fell.

Working your muscles to exhaustion could cause this, but I think you would know it.

Arnold says:

It may not be that your muscles are literally so tired that they can’t support you, but proprioception deteriorates with muscle fatigue, for obvious reasons - feedback sensation changes. The closer you are to the limit of what your muscle can do, the less fine control and coordination you have.

I think there’s also a specific issue with hip adductor/abductor machines. I remember being told to avoid them by my trainer - it’s easy to find articles recommending that you avoid these exercises, because the movements are unnatural.