Mush alert!


I thought I had better post that warning, because I know to quite a few of you. I’m a bit of a pain in the ass with these kinds of posts, so feel free to pass it by, okay?:slight_smile:

I have some friends here who have been “taking care” of me long-distance and they need recognition. They don’t know this is being posted, and it might piss them off , but I am going to try to thank them anyway.

Please, PLEASE****PLEASE know that if I forget a name it is NOT intentional and I will correct my mistakes, okay?

janisand_co I don’t know if I got her nick right, but she calls me like 5 days a week! Thanks, Honey!

Johnny L.A. My e-mail buddy who is there for me every way he can be. I am so proud of you,** JOHN**!

NinetyWt My “neighbor” who also checks my blog just to see what her crazy friend has posted NOW!:smiley:

IceWolf My Kiwi babe from the “southern hemisphere” who is the greatest historian (and unacknowledged screenwriter) I know.

Brown-Eyed Girl who stayed with me during my recent “flame-out” and helped talk me down.
JayJay from the WoW threads (and y’all KNOW how important THAT game is to me, right?)

Wonderlust Who also helped my level up on WoW, and whom I hope I have not lost as a friend…

Jolly Roger…ditto, Thanks Brother, and I am thinking about you, okay?
Marley Czar Tuba and any other mods who have been lenient with me and allowed me to be here!

Dog? Are you still here, my “'Straylian Friend”?

Please help me out if I forgot somebody, okay?

All you have to do is send me the name and I will include an anecdote.

I’m wore out kids. This took me longer than I thought.

You are ALL very important to me. I ain’t got no better friends.


Aww, Quasi, you so sweet. I don’t need any special recognition … that’s just what neighbors do!

You adorable mush-hound, you, Quasi! You flatter me, sir! :wink:

Thanks, my friend, the shout-out was very cool. Great t’ see you around and about. :slight_smile:

I’m flattered that you mentioned me! :slight_smile:

Anytime you have a WoW question, Quasi. Anytime.


BTW I look foreward to talking with you at least as much as you enjoy hearing from me. .Sorry it took me so long to see it , I’ve been off the net for a couple days. , but you know why :wink: