SDMB Friend Appreciation

I’m feeling rather melancholy today so I thought it would be a good day to thank some of the wonderful friends I have made online who post here, who have become some of my most cherished friends.

Ultress - Some days I wonder why I was so blessed to have met you. You are one of few who can make me look at my inner self and feel good no matter what I see.

Globetrotter - I’ll miss your daily wisecracks that make me laugh so much while you are doing Dublin! Make sure you have a pint or two for me!

Feynn - I miss our morning coffee sessions too! I think its time we smartened up and got back on track!

Lolagranola - Mom, student, friend, wow, you have such a full life but always squeeze in a cheery chat with me!

Tatertot - the giggles you give me… yowza! you are nothing but trouble!
Byzantine - isn’t it funny how a common bond that is so ugly turns into something so great!

Anywho, those are just a few… anybody you feel like thanking today?

I’m going to miss Globe-trotter-, too. Sniff, sniff…it’s so unfair, she’ll be on the same continent as me but oh, so far away. :::dramatic sigh::: How will I ever make it to Thursday? Who will I talk to? Who will I e-mail 87 times a day? Who will I do the happy giggles dance with, who? Who, god, who?

I loves me some Canadian Sue, but she is sadly mistaken if she thinks I am the one that is trouble. Oh, sure she acts all nice and cute and innocent, but that’s just a front. Don’t believe what anyone tells you…anything “wicked” I might do is all her fault! She’s a bad influence, that Canadian lass.

And of course, there is my sweet Twistycakes who has been so nice helping me get my act together for Dublin. I really appreciate the help, even if you don’t like my proposed travel itenarary. I mean really, who goes to Dulbin to drink? Plus, if anything should happen to MisterTot (god forbid) I shall immediatly marry Twisty so that I can be Tracy Larrigan. Has a nice ring to it, dontcha think? :wink:

I haven’t gotten to know him yet, but I can already tell that me and Yoji are going to be the best of friends. He’s letting me cook in his kitchen! I can’t wait to finally get to meet him, and all the rest of the gang.

In fact, I have to say the whole Dublin bunch has been great to me. I’ve been asking tons of questions, and they haven’t complained once, even when I ask really stupid ones. Thanks guys, this is going to be one of my best vacations ever thanks to y’all. :slight_smile:

So many wonderful people on the board. It’s hard to even begin to name them. So many I admire and those that make me laugh out loud during the day.

CanadianSue - As close as a sister. What times we have shared. And I do agree with you that our friendship is the type that goes on through the years, regardless of distance.

aha - always good for a laugh my buddy

Falcon - keeps me on my toes for sure

Kellibelli - always right to the point. You can bet that she’ll always give you a straightforward answer

I can’t even begin to list the others that I consider online friends, even if we don’t exchange emails or such.

I have been lucky enough to form a friendship with DRY that is very special to me. He listens to me when I have a problem, and always has rational advice. He writes me long interesting emails that are fun, informative and supportive. He is always willing to discuss pretty much anything, and usually has a different perspective on things than I do-I appreciate the fresh point of view.

Dan, I appreciate you VERY, VERY much!

I also feel fortunate to call some very special men my friends, for various reasons.

Monster 104

There are so many wonderful ladies on this board who have been kind to me. I can’t begin to name them all, but here are a few.

Helping me to get “chatting”-

Canadian Sue
Silver Fire

Just for being terrific people and making my day on a regular basis-

Anti Pro
Medea’s Child

I just KNOW I have missed someone I appreciate, if so I am sorry.

Thank you to all the wonderful people here who keep me coming back. You are a very caring and supportive crew, and I DO appreciate each and every one of you!

Thank you, Scotti. I consider you a friend too, and it honors me that you feel likewise. :slight_smile:

I did my best to show my appreciation for all of you wonderful people in my 100th posting thread.

Right now, I feel compelled to say a very special thanks to all of you all over again. I recently posted a very important thread titled, “Kapow” (changed to “Thyroid Oncology Help Please”). To all of you who have dropped in or sent good vibes to my friend, thanks so much. I know that when I talk to her next, her spirits will be lifted to know that others care. (As were mine.)

I’ll say it again, What a great cyberfamily!


Finally, a list worth being on.

The coffee will be on tomorrow morning as usual, hope to see you then…

Well, though I haven’t been here very long, I love all of you. The highlight though are…

Jedi Girl- for always being there for me on the SDMB and off, you’re a great best friend. When you’re happy then I can be happy I hope you and Russ Russ stay together a long time, you deserve each other.

Dire Wolf- for being so darn friendly during the pillow fight.

And there’s a few more too but I hafta go


“I count myself in nothing else so happy
As in a soul remembering my good friends”
–Richard II, Act 2, Scene iii

I would like to pay particular homage to GolfWidow, Medea’s Child, Scotticher and **TroubleAgain ** for being four of the best friends and e-mail correspondents that I could possibly have hoped for. I hope that the fullness of time will allow me to be the good friend to each of you that you each have merited.

Warm Fuzzies!!! :slight_smile:

all y’all. you who know who you are. :wink: Especially Tater,k Coldy, ruadh, Yoji, and Rachelle

Oh, goodness, I have LOTS of freinds here. 1st, the ones I have met- Oldscratch, zenster, snoopy, and others.

Purplebear is very special, but she is on everybodies list!

There is my flirting partner, who i haven’t flirted much with recently, Scotty.

Of course, the 1st lady to flirt with me here- Diane.

Dry, for his wit & quotes.

My “brothers”, Izzy, Zev, Jmullany, and more.

Spoofe, Gawd and DTL for their support.

I have so many more I am going to have to think about it & post again.

Finally, for WAY too short of time, Wally.

Oops, more come to mind very fast: Spooje, 2sense, John Corrado (mostly), and hopefully a “NEW” friend- my “consort” :D, Yosemitebabe.

I have not had the opportunity to talk with GolfWidow or TroubleAgain, but if Medea’s Child and Scotticher are any indication of DRY’s taste in women, I must confess that it is impeccable.

Kathryn, I haven’t mentioned this to you yet because I haven’t started writing again, but you’ve unintentionally inspired the plot on my (very) unfinished novel. If I ever get around to finishing it, you can bet your name will be in the dedication.

Alrighty, to continue my list…

Dire Wolf- for having so much fun with that pillow fight, you’re a great guy ya know that? And an outrageous flirt too!

Welfy- just for noticing me.

JBirdman- For helping me through some hard times when I really needed it and for giving me advice that really worked. For telling me your experiences, though it must’ve hurt to do it and for making me see that someone out there really cares.

Dijon Warlock- My own personal saint, for being there for me, for the hugs that I really needed at the time, for offering to smite people with Care Bears and My Little Ponies as if they were really all that threatening. And mainly just for the support.

I guess that’s all for now, but what more could I really want? You guys are all great.


Oh Sue, thanks so much for including me.

Well, I think that you’re the only person on the boards here that I’ve really gotten to know well (except for Feynn, of course), but I am thankful for the MB here. It is such a nice place to relax, and the people are great!

Scotti, thank you for the mention :slight_smile: I’m glad to help.
I love many of people the people here. I know I can always go into chat and be greeted by a warm welcome from Silver Fire, Wood Thrush, Max Torque, Falc, Hamadryad, Mr Cynical, Angkins and kellibelli, and many more I know I am forgetting. Anti Pro always has a kind word on the MB, and Homer never fails to make me lol. Demo and psycat are great people, and Coldy Clogs is a funny bastard.
A special hello to my AIM buddy Osip, The Great and Powerful :slight_smile:
Sorry to all I have not mentioned, I know as soon as I hit submit I’ll remember.
Oh yeah, Odieman and I are going to open an all-cannibal restaurant.

I may be funny, but I’m hardly a bastard :wink:

Ahhh Coldy, but you are indeed a good friend…