Music and Body Parts

Do you associate a specific part of the body with music? For example, there is Sir Mixalots tribute to the glutes. However, I associate other songs with other body parts. When I see girl’s belly buttons I think of Wipeout performed by Fat Boyz and Beach Boys. I associate hairy vulvas with 96 Tears by the Mysterians. I associate girl’s butts with Poison Ivy by the Coasters. I think of the Name Game by Shirley Ellis when I see a girl’s arm pits. Do you associate the body with music?

Uh … no.

No, I can’t say that I have. Sir Mixalot’s song is about butts, so no surprise that that song calls butts to mind, but I don’t think 96 Tears and The Name Song have anything to do with body parts, so I’m not sure how you’re making the connection. I did write a song called “I Hate Body Hair”, which mentions all the different hairy body parts a person could have. It’s not recorded or posted on-line, but I’ll put the lyrics up here if you want.
This thread might do better over in Café Society, where they often discuss songs.

Not really, but ZZ Top’s “Tube Snake Boogie” came to mind when I saw this thread.

That and Aerosmith’s Big Ten Inch.

Jeez, there’s lots of songs dealing with body partsin some way or another. Are there any songs about being swallowed alive, I wonder?

That sounds like a really weird twist on synesthesia, where people associate colors with numbers, or smells with colors.

ETA: Cat posted that for me before I finished.

I have this to a mild degree. I associate colors with numbers, and some music pieces, mostly classical, with sights of things, but not body parts. Like, a particular movement of a suite makes me think of a cat I once had, even though I didn’t hear the music until after the cat was dead, so there’s no direct connection between the cat and the music.

Prong’s - Snap your Fingers Snap Your Neck
Quiet Riot’s - Metal Health (Bang your Head)
Disturbed’s - Ten Thousand Fists
S.O.D.'s - Fist Banging Mania

None of them remind me of the…umm…Hairy Vulvas. (I thought they broke up in the late 70’s)

“Eat Me Alive” by Judas Priest?

Anything by Heart.

I was about to say “Timothy” but that wasn’t quite alive. So try Eaten Alive - the Michael Jackson version.

As for the OP I could say something about the myriad “pussy cat” songs out there but my favorite is probably Lords of Acid
YouTube atch?v=wo-KBG4jCZQ
or on the humorous side
wa - YouTube tch?v=YX6FUQG3z-I
by the Asylum Street Spankers

The most obvious choice for belly buttons.