Music From "Broadway Danny Rose"

First of all, I loved the film!

I loved seeing all those comedians sitting around that table kibbutzing with each other, and that itself makes that movie timeless.

I also loved Mia Farrow’s part as Tina, and at first glance thought it was Laraine Newman (did anyone else?).

But the one who struck me as the most outstanding was Nick Apollo Forte as Lou Canova.

IMHO, it must have taken some major directing on Woody’s part to get this guy “just right”, but what do I know?

Anyway, to the “heart of the matter”: I love Italian music, and I love that song “Agita” that Nick/Lou does in that film, so I did a search and found his website to see if he has a cd.

He does, and it costs 20 bucks.

Yeah, there are other tunes on there I am sure I would like, but face it, Nick was a “nobody” till Woody made him famous. He’s somebody now and has some great pipes, but 20 bucks???

I don’t think so.

Spending that much would defintely give me “Agita”! :smiley:



Try Limewire

I did try that, anyrose , but it caused my computer to lock up, so I dumped it.

I once belonged to a site where you could download games and I downloaded one with a virus embedded, so I’m a bit leery now.

But thanks!