Music Match Jukebox or an alternate player?

I used to play my mp3 collection with winamp, until I discovered that Music Match Jukebox 7.2 gave me some features like a well organized music library, a “now playing” screen displaying all tags including lyrics, etc. It was very cute and the loading was fast. But since I have a permanent internet connection, I experienced a sudden collapse in the loading time and I have to wait about 30 seconds or more to get the damn software opened! Before that, its delay was a bearable 2 or max. 3 seconds.

Unchecked all posible options about internet connection, the program still delays that long and when I moved to version 8, now it’s worse. Then I tried Winamp again, but doesn’t give me the feature of tag displaying, and Jet Audio doesn’t even allow me edit tags.

Some recommendations about an efficient player, full customizable?

The features I’m searching for are:

  1. Quick loading
  2. A well organized music library.
  3. Displaying of tags: artist, track name, lyrics, etc.
  4. Tag editing.

The most powerful jukebox type software I’ve come across is J. River Media JukeBox. It has extensive features including a music library, extensive tagging functions, format conversion, CD ripping as well as a more advanced Media Center which can also deal with video, graphics, etc.

Some Caveats: The Plus versions are expensive, require online activation, and product support personnel have been known to take a very arrogant, take-it-or-leave-it approach. Not pleasant.

I like Music Match. It gets the job done intelligently and fairly cheaply.

Thanks, I’ll give try to J River Media Jukebox.

I like Music Match, too, but it’s still slow on loading. :frowning:

iTunes will do all of this, easily. And you can’t beat the free price!

(Hey, you didn’t specify which OS :wink: )