Recommend a PC jukebox program

I am looking for a PC-based music player. I need one that:

  • doesn’t keep trying to connect to the internet to tell me more about the artist or song
  • doesn’t keep trying to go to the internet to tell me about their company
  • doesn’t keep trying to upgrade me every 10 seconds
  • is free

less important

  • can play tracks in random order
  • can figure out artist/album from the filename
  • can record from CDs

Super bonus points for any player than can play tracks in random order, based on probability weightings that I assign (that is, I want to hear song X about twice as much song Y).

I am fed up with RealOne and MediaPlayer and MusicMatch – no matter how many settings I turn off and firewalls I put up, I am constantly besieged with windows trying to get to the internet to sell me stuff I don’t want. I just need a basic player. Any recommendations? Any help appreciated!

May I suggest winamp?

It’s free, and there are many plugins for it that accomplish most of what you want to do.

I second Winamp which can be found here. Their latest player v5.x is really good and supports skin from both the 2.x and 3.x series.

It should take care of all the requirements you listed,but I doubt if you can assign weights to your fav songs (unless you find the right plugin).

Hope this helps.

      • ? I use Musicmatch Jukebox and block it in Zonealarm, and I don’t ever get a peep out of it. Do you run a firewall, or are you just hoping that whatever you use won’t connect at all? Because I think you’re out of luck on that one.
  • Also, I don’t know anything that will randomize based on “weights”, unless [maybe?] you make a playlist, enter a particular song “X” many times, and then ask it to randomize on the playlist…?

I downloaded WinAmp, that seems to fit the bill. Such a pleasure to have a program that just shuts up and does what it’s told, and nothing else. Thanks all!

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You may also want to check out iTunes.

Check out iTunes for Windows. It doesn’t have any annoying nagging behavior and does a great job. I don’t think you can specifiy playing song X twice as often as song Y, but it does have some good options for creating playlists. Playlists can be based on when you added a file, ratings you assign, things you haven’t heard recently, etc.

By default, iTunes will re-arrange your music folder(s) to a new layout, and some people hate that. But you can go into preferences and uncheck “Let iTunes organize my music files” to prevent it from moving things around.

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