Music videos that change the meaning of songs

Chris Martin - Cheaters Prayer

The lyrics are a ridiculous rationalization of infidelity, the protag prays for strength to avoid cheating on what he admits is a totally faithful girlfriend. He then decides hey boys will be boys and just prays he doesn’t get caught.

The video however reveals his girlfriend is actually cheating on him, she isn’t faithful at all just as duplicitous as he is. Watching the video it seems more like a commentary on ridiculous relationship drama.

I know there have to be other songs like this!

Heh. Compare SMACK MY BITCH UP, by Prodigy.

No Doubt- Don’t Speak

The song is about the end of Gwen Stefani’s relationship with Tony Kanal, the bass player, but the music video makes reference to the fact that Gwen was singled out by the press as the face of the band and the other band members felt ignored.

I understood Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train to be about struggling with depression and substance abuse, but the music video focused on actual runaway children.

Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden is a thoroughly serious song about American injustice to Native Americans. The video is old-school slapstick at best.

I can only assume they had some mtv jackass telling them what the video would look like.

The Cure - Why Can’t I Be You

They spell out the lyrics with cards or symbols… i’d seen it a dozen times until i realised one of the words they were spelling out implied something quite inappropriate that they would never be able to say.