Music you listen(ed) too when high?

Actually, anything. Even music I don’t normally listen to. I appreciate music more when high. I hear things I hadn’t heard before, recognize influences, get new meaning from the lyrics, and imagine what a video would look like.

AWOL Nation’s Sail, for example. I envisioned a pirate ship with all the pirates raising their fists simultaneously every time “Sail” was sung.

Classical can be good, too. Some Rachmaninoff, or Moonlight Sonata.

This was the first time I ever heard that song, so it’s what I always think of when I hear it.

Of course, you may hate this, but it often makes me laugh when it comes up in my playlist.

I’m going to see Lotus play 3 nights in a row next week at a festival. I’ve never heard of this band before, so i checked youtube to see what I’m in for. I can’t find anything to like about it.
I generally like any kind of jam band, but they’re stuff just sounds like commercial background music to me.
Can you recommend a song? Is it a “you gotta be there, man” kinda deal?
I’m hoping i can get into it. I have a feeling Mrs. Trees will at least enjoy it.

I’ll have to ask my friend what he thinks some of the good tracks are. I think he’s going to the same event. I personally don’t know much about music, but I dig them. Maybe their sound is generic, but it’s easy listening for me.

Perfect stoner music must be aurally intriguing, emotionally soothing, and mind-expanding. There is only one song that covers all these bases, the only song that should be played over and over again while under the influence of THC. That song is this masterpiece.

You’re welcome.

You won the thread.

Those visuals to go along with the music are amazing… especially the shots of the stuffed dolls singing without their lips moving.

It’s right up there with Beethoven’s 9th.

Try a listen to The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, and Tales from Topographical Oceans, the whole albums. Their few charted songs never came close to those.

The way I remember it, Pink Floyd was the strong go-to. I also recall enjoying Utopia and Todd Rundgren, Talking Heads, CSNY, Supertramp, and The Clash.

This stuff and pink floyd of course.

Can not recommend listening to Pink Floyd’s “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” while stoned. “ “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” is okay

One more to add. Groove Armada.

I can’t answer as I am always high when I listen to music because I am always high.

Shimmer n Out
Umbilical Moon Rise
Anti Gravity

Are a mix of my friend’s favorite. He said the live shows are filled with energy.

That’s like my answer, which is: since I’m high pretty much all the time, pretty much all music.

But since I’m always high, I can just mention a song I like. :smiley:

This one works very well. The song develops a glitch and turns itself inside out at around the 13:50 mark.

And really, even thought that’s a perfect album side, that’s what I listened to regularly when I was high about 20 years or so ago. A few things I ran into while really high on YT/Bandcamp recently that I dearly love now, and will have a nice hork of them these days when I’m cool and froody:

Clown Core Van. The hardest metal/jazz/EDM mashup since John Zorn’s Naked City. Not every song is as confrontational as the first song on this record, but most of it is. If you find it a lot to deal with at any point, I advise skipping ahead to “Infinite Realm of Incomprehensible Suffering” for a little palate cleanser for a few seconds, and then returning to where you were once you feel refreshed.

A record that really should need no introduction, the Chipmunks at 16 speed. I’m sort of embarrassed at how much I like this version of this record, but it’s pretty great.

But if you decide you’ve had enough harshness with a side of complete sludge, I’ve also got sugary guitar pop! And hey, this one’s just a single! Wet Leg - “Chaise Longue”:

I don’t stone, but if I did, yeah, it would be Pink Floyd all the way. Just listening to his music while sober gets me stoned.

Heheh, and I’ll probably stop for awhile after this one, because yeah, almost any music I’ve heard since I was 15 qualifies as an answer to this one. But one that I particularly remember enjoying when I was higher than a cat’s back when I was 18 or so was Les Paul and Mary Ford. I swear that those recordings were made for people in altered states.

And, of course:

I’m pretty sure I was tripping balls the first time I heard this, but it’s still mighty pleasant when on effective marijuana:

Go ahead and insert the entire catalog of Charles Mingus and Dave Brubeck while we’re at it. :smiley:

I see that some have already touched on this but let’s be clear: not all stoner music is hippy-dippy mellow (tripping music isn’t all like that either, but that’s a whole 'nother thread). In fact, the best stoner music is generally not very mellow at all, IMO. There’s a bunch of genres and bands that are explicitly by and for stoners that defy that convention.

For instance:

Stoner doom is a type of metal that came about because of people who liked to get high, listen to and play music like Black Sabbath. Stoner doom songs tend to be long; here’s some examples:

Acrimony only released one album:

And YOB is somehow a drone-groove-doom band that is regular, soothing, lulling, driving, wild and chaotic all at the same time:

Way back when I did those kinds of things, I liked listening to The Residents when high, but I don’t feel like I can actually recommend that.

Great stuff though.