Musicians, looking for a Finale guru (the notation program)

Well, I finally bit the bullet and purchased Finale 2002 about a year ago and let it sit around. After a few casual hours (over a period of a month or so), I get fairly comfortable with it. However, now I am having a problem with an original piece I have transcribed into it.

My problem is that the piece starts in 4/4 and then converts to 6/8 (the 8th note is constant) and remains that way for the majority of the rest of the piece. I don’t have a problem changing the time signature at all. The problem is that after I change the time signature the beamings become non-existant. Before the beams were in groups of 4 8ths and now that I want them to be beamed in 3 8ths they are all written in singles. The Finale help file is remarkably unhelpful. So, anyone out there know how I can easily rebeam this?