Muslim funeral etiquette?

We just found out that a neighbor passed away recently. There’d been a lot of activity at their house, but it’s the sort of neighborhood that isn’t, unfortunately, close-knit so word didn’t get out as to the reason.

Anyway - If it were a Christian or Jewish family, I’d simply knock on their door, express sympathy, and give them a casserole (along with offering to do whatever, help any way I could, etc.).

For you Muslim or Muslim-savvy dopers:
Would this be acceptable behavior as in not stepping on any traditions? I wouldn’t bring ham, obviously… thinking of a chicken dish, if a casserole is even appropriate. I know Ramadan is coming up soon - any special restrictions then? Is Ramadan just a “time of day” where they can eat after dark, but can eat anything they normally could? or are there extra restrictions like Jew have during Passover? Would it be offensive to even hand them food during daylight hours or should even that happen after dark?

First, for future reference, get your hands on a copy of How to be a perfect stranger, by Matlins and Magida (eds). A copy of this handy tome will pretty much get you throught the death of neighbors of any faith.

Having said that, the Muslim view of death is similar to that of the Christian view of death.

It is polite to make contact when you hear of the death, and flowers, food and the like are appropriate (but avoid unclean foods like pork). As for dress codes: dark, modest, simple.