Must I do this every year?

I’m crying and I can’t stop myself.

Last year it was triggered by a teddy bear my boyfriend had given me. This year it was saying good-bye to my best friend. I had to pull over on the drive home to pull myself together. That was a half hour ago and the tears are still flowing.

I don’t get it. I cried at every graduation function last year, despite hating the school and the people in it, and being insanely glad to get out. Yet I didn’t cry last April when I was leaving uni, despite having more and better friends there, some who aren’t coming back and whom I will miss dearly. I’m starting to think being home just makes me more emotionally strung out. But whatever the reason, I just wish I could stop. I still have packing to do.

And the worst part–crying agravates my sinuses. I now have a huge headache that hurts more everytime I move my head.

Physical and emotional health are intertwined. Might I ask if you have had a checkup recently? Maybe a doctor’s visit could pin something down.

Maybe there are environmental factors involved. You said something about being home, and your sinuses. Maybe getting check out by an allergist should be considered.

And of course life style changes need to be considered. Are there any mental health counselors at your school, that you could talk to?

Take care. And thanks for pulling over. You’re obviously smart, to recognize that you shouldn’t drive while impaired. We will be thingking of you.

Is it possible you’re pregnant?

Not unless it’s the second coming of Christ :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for your concern astro.

I think environment and lifestyle are the key factors here. I know I was a lot better physically and emotionally when I was at university, though whether it was diet, exercise, or just being in a better place for me socially, I’m not sure. I’ve been toying with the idea of seeing a mental health counselor, but after being forced to see one when I was 11, I’m not too keen on them.

Oh, and Baker, you’re welcome. And thanks again for your concern, both of you.