Mustang Sally

Midnight Hour and Mony, Mony can be euthanized as well.

I fellow I know joined a funk/soul band, strong James Brown influences and a decent brass section. They play a very palatable “Mustang Sally”. Quite enjoyable.

The only song that actually makes me homicidal is that hideous dreck from The Bodyguard. Since when does the ability to shatter eyeglasses and eardrums equal talent?

Since Pearl Jam went platinum.

I also like Mustang Sally, but it’s a rather new addition to my personal playlist.

OTOH, I used to love anything Billy Joel did before he married Christy, but I actually broke my wife’s “Best Of…” CDs so I don’t have to listen anymore.

Mustang Sally: 'tis the muzak of the Devil.

And yes, it is the fault of the bloody Commitments.

Hell, I think Buffet’s drunk in the original version.
Who was the first to record “Mustang Sally,” anyway? Are they also the ones that wrote it? Is the original version the one you hear most on the radio? (Although I have never heard this song anywhere but on movie soundtracks.)

And does anyone know if Ford ever actually used this song to sell Mustangs? it seems rather obvious.

I liked The Commitments, but I didn’t like “Mustang Sally” by them, heh.

A Chicago-centric version of this is “Sweet Home Chicago”. These days I can only stand to hear it while watching Blues Brothers; otherwise I tend to cringe just out of reflex.

Mustang Sally makes me smile. Midnight Hour makes me laugh out loud. Brown Eyed Girl----eh. But, they have been around for a long time and will probably be around a lot longer. Don’t take it so seriously; life’s too short.

“Sweet Home Chicago” was written by blues pioneer Robert Johnson, probably sometime in 1936. He recorded it at a session in San Antonio on November 23, 1936. Little Junior Parker’s version became popular on the blues radio stations in the 1950’s.

IIRC: Wilson Pickett wrote “Mustang Sally”, recorded and released it in the mid sixties.

“I bought you a brand new Mustang, Nineteen Sixty-Five”

Rock on.

As opposed to the street cred Willie has for the 20 years he spent in Huntsville?

Oh man am I with you on this one. Every city-sponsored function, every ballgame, and most bar bands…
Sweet Home Chicago" gets batted around and stomped on a few times. It’s almost worth moving to get away from it.

But this is my sweet home. I guess I can take it.

At least it’s not “Louie Louie”. Or worse yet, “Shout”.

I like Mustang Sally too! And in contrast to the OP, I never hear it in bars, or on the radio for that matter. I have the Wilson Pickett version in mp3 and play it on my computer somtimes. Quit complaining you darn wedding/bar bands, they could be requesting the Macarena, or even worse, “the Ketchup Song”!!!

And for whomever dissed “Line Dancing”? You haven’t been to my class (or, judging from your “blech” any current line dancing for that matter).

People come in, attempt to follow and leave saying “I love it, but this ISN’T Line Dancing” Oh yeah, and then they keep coming back week after week (I favor hip hop, rock and techno, rather than CW).

Not all so-called “Line Dancing” is done to CW and consists of grapevines and stupid hillbilly stomps only ya know.

Don’t be so quick to dis something just because YOU may not like it.

Can we also throw in “Bad to the Bone”?

God I fucking hate that song.

Born to be Wild. My all time most hated song.

I bartended my way through school many many years ago, and every wednesday and thursdays nights there was either dart practice (all women’s teams) or dart tourneys. And from the Juke Box these middle aged housewives and secretaries (why do I bring that up? I can’t think of anything more incongruous than housewives and “Born to be Wild”) would always play this damn thing at least 10 times during the night!!! I guess flinging darts made them bad mamajamas or something.

I like Steppenwolf, but I was lukewarm about that song to begin with, by the time I graduated I had gotten to the point where I’d load up the Juke with my OWN money just prior to the dart teams wandering in, just so I didn’t have to hear it.

Riiiiiiiide, Sally, ride!!!

“Wild Thing”

If I win the lottery, I’m going to pay assassins to hunt them down. I swear.


Bands and musicians, you guys gotta realize that to YOU it’s “done to death” to your audience, they probably haven’t heard it since the last good Christmas party at their “old” company three years ago, or since they broke their Wilson Pickett LP or whatever.

As a dance instructor, I face the same thing with . (I teach couples and line, couples I teach privately a few couples at a time on request, [no smart comments:D] and line I teach in large classes). I prefer RnR, hip hop and techno, but tons of my clients, and students want CW (If I have to hear “Neon Moon” once more, urk!!).

But then I stop and think, okay, this must be the way my poor math tutor feels when he has to go over some simple equation with me for the billionth time.

So, I try and put myself in the audience’s shoes, when it comes to what they want to dance to, it helps calm the urge to kill feeling that comes from hearing a song too many times.:slight_smile:

Just try to remember that we, the audience, don’t hear Mustang Sally, or any of the other old standards hundreds and hundreds of times over like you band members do.